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June 11, 2012


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Project Runway All Stars rocked! I think there were really nice designed outfits, you can tell they are the best of the best.


Yayy a Staycation!!! Can't wait to see what you got at the charity shop. :-) (Btw, I love your blog!)
Michael is my favorite on Project Runway too. :-). I agree, it's not the same without Heidi and Tim, but I still really enjoyed it.
Happy Staycation!!


Wow your vacation started already, hope the weather stays nice.

That lawn really is amazing!


Enjoy your three work holiday Benita (not all work the whole time I hope!)

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Happy staycation, Benita! :)


You have really made that yard look great!


I'm also thrilled about PR allstars, but how I miss Tim!! It's just not the same without him.

PS. Underbar lördag! Tack! Snubblade i trappan upp till tuben (tyckte inte jag drack så mycket vin...) och slog sönder ett cocacola-glas. Tur att jag vet att det fanns fler att hämta.


Those lovely hart plates makes me think of my mum. She has got them and I grew up eating cakes on them. She even have a couple with a centred flower print and a big cake plate. Memories :-)
Anette :-)


wow! a whole three weeks, that sounds amazing. this weeks pics are so wonderfully peaceful. happy staycation benita! x


The lawn looks great! So GREEN.

And yay for summer vacation! We don't start ours till July, but with the semi-nice weather and long hours of sunlight it feels a little like we've already started. Which means that workshed from hell is finally going to get the attention it needs, after your help getting started on it way back in March (again, THANK YOU!!!).


What a nice week! So glad you got to spend time with a dear friend...a great way to kick off your much deserved vacation! Enjoy!


Are you going to put a tree ring around your tree in the backyard, like the cherry tree in your front yard? Just wondering, because of the circular cutting round it?


Vilken färg gick sönder? Jag ska dit på onsdag tänkte jag och kan komplettera. Var det den helt raka varianten, inte den som ser lite ut som en burk?


Enjoy your vacation!


I won't be putting a concrete ring around it. The reason for cutting away the grass around it is 1) because it makes for easier mowing, 2) it's good for the tree which will otherwise go thirsty apparently 3) it looks neater :).

Susan from Vancouver,B.C

Enjoy your vacation.Hope you take lots of pics to share with us!


Benita, how do you get such well-lit photos so early in the morning?! Or is it already very light at 6:13? The lighting in your photos is always so lovely and natural.


The sun rises at about 3.30 am this time a year. It sets at around 10 pm:).


Your lawn really looks superb and it´s incredible how fast it has grown and become so beautiful.
A new round of Project Runaway? I love that show! Am not at all into fashion myself, always dress the same way ;), but love to follow the creative process.
Benita, apart from continuing all your projects at home, what is vacation to you? What is it that you long for when you think about having several weeks of from ordinary work?
I agree with byebyebirdieuk, this weeks pics are wonderfully peaceful. :)


My perfect vacation is what I'm having now where I can get A LOT done and still have time to relax. I sleep in, have breakfast in front of the TV, plan my day and start on my projects when I feel like it :).

Camila Faria

Love these vacation pics! I'm a little jealous, I must confess. :)
You can't eat strawberries? How sad! I adore your little hearts plate (and I almost got that same alarm clock from Muji!).


I envy your vacation, the candle foto with cake is lovely. Pull your grass out closser to your tree's drip line for a healthy tree. Fantastic progress.


Du är gullig du! Det var den helt raka och det var det mörkgröna glaset som gick hädan. Skulle du springa på ett blått så greppa det med ;)

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