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June 18, 2012


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So cute playhouse, I remeber I bookmarked it when you posten it the first time! So you are having the same summer as us, rain rain, and oh some more rain. Enjoy the break from blogging and have a wonderful week!


Love the playhouse - I wonder if my cat would like that as well... The things we do for our animals huh! :-)

(I put a pic up yesterday of my kitty and I can´t get over how gorgeous she is - she puts me to shame, haha!)


All that rain had made your lawn grow wonderfully!
Have a great week x


The cats ** LOVE**LOVE**LOVE and their summer villa looks great!
Radiator ugh, remindes me I wanted to clean mine...
Great sleeping place for Wille. Is this a lamp which is gradually getting brighter? Like wake up lamps?
Have a nice week! :-)


Happy Monday! Yr cats are adorable :D Is that dog poster there on purpose?? Lol.


As always, love Mini's and Bonus' photos. I miss Martha Stewart magazine since I moved to Poland. Enjoy your blogging break!


Rain in Stockholm? Too bad, I am visiting Stockholm at midsommaren, so hopefully there will be better wheather then!


It IS a wakeup-light. Wille loves it in winter when it's so dark in the mornings. Helps him get up on time.


Ha ha, do you mean to keep a check on Mini and Bonus? I didn't think of it like that :).


It's supposed to get better over midsommar!

Froken Prickig

Have a nice week off!

Yazmak İyidir

I'm planning to paint the radiator as well but the wall behind it seems dirty as well. How can I reach there, you think?


I love looking at your all-White interior. The love heart on your cat's playhouse is so cute. I didn't notice this before. I'm sure too your son will appreciate his own bathroom :)


I go as far as I can with a very slim roller and leave the rest as is.


We will miss you! Have a lovely week off :O)


Hi Benita,

I'm following your blog since last year and read almost everything by today and of course checking every day for news!
I love your new house, all white and shiny. You're really inspiring.

I would love to have two cats, too, but am afraid of the look of all those cat climbing trees and cat litter boxes. They just look totally horrible. I've never seen them in your house. How is that? Is it enough for them to stroll around in the garden outside? What about Bonus being "arrested" for a few days in row, because he always left to visit your old house? Did he go nuts on your walls/furniture? I would love to read a post about your live with your kitty beauties... really, really, really much! Do you think that's possible?

Lots of love and have a perfect holiday!




Miss Mini, lovely as always!
Today I already posted about my little girl :)



Love your blog, have been a fan for a while now. Funny seeing the current issue of Living that you have received. I live in the States and have not received my issue yet. I am a subscriber too! LOL Cover looks great, can't wait to get it!


Hi Benita,
The yard and deck is looking fantastic.

Any advice for painting radiators? What kind of paint do you use? I have a few to tackle myself this summer.

Michelle of Montreal

Loving the 366 project as always. Also love hearing how teenagers are teenagers wherever in the world - going off to music festivals and spending days in rain in a tent. It brings me back...


Jag har en fråga nu när du fixar i Willes rum: jag har samma lådhurts, Alex, från IKEA, men lyckas inte få någon ordning i lådorna eftersom de är så breda. Har du något knep där? Har inte sett någon avdelare som passar till denna hurts heller. Tack på förhand!

Lisa Flaherty

Enjoy your time off from blogging! I can only imagine the amount of blog fodder you will be generating on your stay-cation! Anticipating your return! :)

Kathleen S.

Rain, rain, rain, yes -- but look at how lovely your artful rocks are in the rain! Just perfect!


Den breda hurtsen i Willes sovrum är faktiskt i det närmaste tom. Tror bara det ligger bruksanvisning till TVn etc i den. Jag köpte den för att kunna lägga A3or och större ark etc i den men vi har uppenbarligen tillräckligt med förvaring redan :). Undrar om man inte kan få ner A4 fack i den, typ såna som man staplar ovan på varandra på skrivbordet? Eller Kassettlådor från IKEA, de tunnare? Har inte testat men värt ett försök kanske? Annars kanske du kan kapa ner kartonger modell skokartong till bra höjd?


I'd ask at the paint store as we don't have the same brands over here. I'm using the same paint as for wood trim though. It's water based and works really well.


O haha! I thought u might have placed it there to give them a little jolt every now and then... :P I like Willie's bedside table and i recall seeing a similar one from somewhere but I can't remember where...


Have a nice break!


Since my kitties are allowed outside and can climb real trees to their heart's content they don't need any of that indoors. Indoors for then is for sleeping and eating to them. If you have indoor cats you should provide something like that for them though. I once saw someone make one out of real birch branches that were attached between the ceiling and floor which looked really stylish.

As for littler booxes i have a milky while square one that I'm holding onto for dear life and hope it never breaks. I agree, most of them are super ugly. You could maybe hide you litter box behind something or inside a cabinet with a kitty flap for access?

Bonus did go a bit crazy when he wasn't allowed out but he's such an outdoor cat so it was to be expected. He's so happy now :).


It's a componibili http://shop.kartellsverige.se/sv/produkter/forvaring-hyllor/componibili-diam-42-cm-modul-byggbar.html


Benita, I want to live with you! Your projects are always so crisp and fresh feeling. Wille is really really lucky to come back to a bed like that ;)

Debbie from  Chicago

Rain, rain, rain is better than snow, snow, snow! ;)


Caught a glimpse of the canvas you hung on your outdoor stair railing to match the awning. May we have a better look at it sometime?




Have a great break!

I love the carpet on the photo juni 11.
Can you tell me where I can buy it?


Hej Benita, have a great break (but I hope you will be back soon :-) !)


KariMc, you beat me to it! I'm really looking forward to a posting on that railing! Everything in that photo is beautiful--even the rain! It makes everything so nice and fresh. I can understand, though, that too much of a good thing gets stale quickly! Happy holiday, Benita! See you later, alligator!


It's a sheep skin. I got mine from Gotlamm http://www.gotlamm.se/sv/english/


I will miss you. Have fun on your break:)


Hey Benita,why there was a brush beside the radiator? What do you use it for - to dust?


That's actually a brush made for painting radiators. You can paint sideways. I have to say the slim roller is by far better though :).


I see a fragment of a canvas thiny in the rain shot! :)
Anyway, i'm just stopping by to show you an organising trick that you might be able to use. I thought of you immediately when i saw it anyway. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=460119250668044&set=a.162434390436533.40458.131565093523463&type=1&ref=nf

I hope you can see it, it's a facebook photo.


Det runda lilla katthuset med "öron" på, var får man tag i en sådan??


Det är från Whiskas men verkar inte tillverkas längre. Jag köpte det på Ebay för ett antal år sen.


There are some good looking and expensive litter boxes like this one (modcat):



Or solutions like this:



And for the cat tree, there are also some solutions...



This one looks like art



Jag saknar den varje-dag-blog! :.( Men jag önskar en vilsam semestern! ;)


hej benita, jeg synes at du har fortjent din ferie, men du skal vide at du er savnet! god weekend!

Bernadette @ B3HD

Nothing better than a fresh bed to fall in to.


i'm a new visitor to your site. i love your esthetic and could only imagine being so handy on a regular basis!

in the background of the top photo of this post, there's a large white cat-shaped bed: i'm in love! where did you ever find such a lovely piece? thanks and i look forward to following along on your progress!


The cat bed is by Whiskas (recognize the logo? :). It was a promotional item but that was quite a number of years ago. I found mine on Ebay about six or seven years ago. Try doing a "whiskas cat bed" search there! Good luck!

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