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June 08, 2012


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I love it!
And, for some twisted reason, I even like the pink of the knitting tool, and I am so not a pink person. Nor am I a yellow fan, but I have found myself leaning that way the past few weeks. (Could never wear either color, though!)

Vicki K

Ha - it's really cute! I like how it stretches enough to have nice spaces between the stitches. Seems like you could also use that tool to knit a tea cozy too.


Ser riktigt kul ut tycker jag - en bra färgklick! Vad är det du börjat jobba med nu?


What a cool little thing, I love it and think it looks really summery.
Don´t you work in visual merchandizing anymore? What´s the new leaf?


So, what are you doing now then?

Also, if the tools bother you that much, you could always spray paint them. :)


härlig sommar färg! Jag älskar virkade lampor! kuk trevlig dag.


Ha en trevlig dag,


LOL - grey/yellow were my "work wardrobe" colours in the mid-80s... so amused to see a capsule wardrobe in those shades recently!
As a knitter, I'm fairly impressed with your little yellow lampshade. I would never have thought of this because I don't like thick wool and loose knitting but the effect on the lampshade isn't too bad at all and a nice alternative to your usual emerald green (also looks good with your white!).


It looks really fun!


Jag jobbar kvar inom samma företag som de senaste tio åren drygt men med sociala medier och hemsidor :)


I'm still in the same company as these past ten years or so but I now work with social media and our websites.


I love the texture it adds! now I need to learn to knit :)


This is very fun. But I don't understand why that tool would make it easier than two knitting needles or even a knitting ring? But it's been 20 years since I knit anything.


The lamp shade looks absolutely darling! And I think they make the tools in crazy colours so it would stick out with more "normal" colours of yarn. At least that is my reasoning. :)

Lisa Flaherty

Cute! As a child I had a little wooden mushroom shaped "knitter" from Germany that worked the same way, but with only 4 prongs in the round. It created long worms of knitted yarn that could be coiled into potholders. :)


Very cute - love the sunshine colour to wake up to.

Account Deleted

CuteCuteCute !


This german knitting utensil like a little doll was called "Strickliesel" meaning "knitting lizzy". 40 years ago many children started to knit long worms which were never sewed into anything but fashion to hold plaits.


I now remember I had one of those at my grandma's in Germany at about that time!! Mine looked like a girl in red with a nail crown :)


Som sagt - gult är INTE fult. Så länge det inte är blommor ;)


Benita, will you put up some of your cool artwork in this bedroom? Or maybe you already have.


I love that pop of yellow on the lampshade.


I'm doing some work in the basement this summer and after that's done I'll be adding some are here and there :).

Fröken Fräken

Jag får ju också paket från Panduro vilket är så roligt, ett paket med överraskningar, vem säger nej till sådant? Men jag måste erkänna att jag inte riktigt begrep mig på stickverktyget eller färgerna på garnerna.. neongrönt?! Men garnerna var dock bra att ha när jag övade mig på att virka mormorsrutor vilket jag till slut kommit på hur man gör, sent om sider.
Men gul stickad lampskärm? Coolt!

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

i love it too ! and agree with you about the colorful tools...
i made a lampshade as well but crocheted (because i'm better there than at knitting) but yours looks "lacey" and i really like that.


Ah ha! So THAT is how you will incorporate the yellow/mustard that I asked about oh-so-long-ago! You had a graphic in your living room and a piece of ceramic on your desk. You mentioned that you liked the yellow but would probably not keep it.(At least that's how I remember it.) ;) It's good to see that dash of color. It gives your eye something to rest upon in your beautiful sea of white. And, it beautifully displays yet another talent that I didn't know that you had. I, myself, have just begun knitting. I find it to be restful and meditative--for the most part. The other parts? Well, we won't mention those!


Sorry! The bedlamp looks much nicer without that yellow knitting.
Have a nice week!
Hälsar Berit


So cool! I'd love to know how to knit! :) Love the yellow!

~ Ali

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