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June 06, 2012


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Lorna from Atlanta

Happy Svenska Dag!


Ha en fin svenska flaggans dag (og hurra for en fridag)!


So this is not an Independence day? I guess you've always been independent.. right?


I mean you cannot define a day when you would have gotten independence

Dana from CT

Glad svenska flaggans dag! Enjoy your day - hope it's sunny!!

Lisa Flaherty

Enjoy your day off! Nice to break up the week a little! Happy Flag Day!

Rosália Moreira

Hello from Portugal!

To much nationalism is not a good thing. But here, from south europe, today, sometimes I feel that it would be better if I was born ... for instance ... in Sweden.

Happy Sweden Day!

Rosália Moreira


So I had to go google National Day and a short version of Swedish history. So interesting as an American whose country is only 200+ years old. Enjoy your day off and Happy National Day!


Hurray for Sweden and hurray for a day off ;)
I hope you enjoyed the day.

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