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June 15, 2012


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You are so lucky to be living in a bike friendly, pedestrian friendly city. I really wish more cities would be the same. For now here in our end of the globe.. it is only a fervent wish.


I wondered how you got heavy, large items home. I thought perhaps by cab.
Martin's handy work converting it to your "little chariot" was very clever. Enjoy your days off. Fingers crossed for perfect weather.

Kim H

I love the idea of a bike trailer, very handy.
Is that a bicycle license on the back of your bike? Is everyone required to have one?
Sorry about all the questions. I have more but I'm restraining myself :)


I don't like to drive too, I live in the city and do everything with the tram, bike and co. Heavy stuff, as somebody asked I let be delivered home.
Nodays you can get almost everything delivered.
Good decision Benita, enjoy your break :-)


Yay! A well needed break! So you will have the strength to spend time with meee!


We have alot of public transport too so no need for a car, yet. If you did have a car, would it be on-street parking?

Wishing you great weather to help get your list done OR just to relax and enjoy your latest achievements.


I have a garage a little distance from the house so I guess I could park in there if I had a car. People do park in the street outside too though.


Not all bikes have license plates, just Kronan bikes :).




I like the polka dot seat cover on your bike. Is it just to protect from the rain when the bike is outside or do you ride with it? Have a good weekend!


It's from here: http://www.inreda.com/products_find.asp?page=1&SQ1=cykel&
I do sit on it when it's dry out but if it's rained I pull it back and sit on the dry seat and put the cover back on arriving to keep the seat dry all the time. The cover is attached with a tab at the back so it won't fly off when bulled back :)


u really r enviromentally-friendly. is it in the culture or is it just you?i face the same difficulties with Emma, but more so becoz we don't have strong cycling culture here. For me, walking's better what with not-so-friendly paths n bike thefts a common occurence.


Most people have a car glued to their bum! I think that your way of solving transportation is a very good one, especially if you live near a town. Don´t you think people forget how good exercise biking (and walking!)is?
Enjoy your time off!
Lots of love from Göteborg.


Have a wonderful break. I'll miss you, but you sure deserve it!!


Have a wonderful vacation!

I, too, will miss you--you are the first blog I read every morning with my tea...you have a knack for striking just the right tone, seemingly about everything, even bikes! (You would love my bike--it's all white).

paige @ luxperdiem

How lucky to live a city where you can ride your bike everywhere! Alas Most of the US is not so lucky. I'm guessing most shops are fairly close?


I don't like to drive either but being in traffic on a bike would freak me out even more, I'd feel so vulnerable and unprotected. I will definitely miss your posts and look forward to your return. Everything is looking so great you need to just enjoy it.


I also hate driving - I got my licence just before I turned 40, in a town with one set of traffic lights and a stop sign on every corner!! (I reckoned it was now or never!)

Enjoy your holiday Benita - it is very well deserved.


Since I live in NYC, having a car is a very expensive venture. My husband and I gave ours up several years ago, and we have never looked back. He is an avid cyclist (on our upcoming vacation to France, his bike is coming with us and he is planning to ride up Mt. Ventoux) but I don't have a bike. I really need to get one, what a convenience!


Yes, now I have stores close by which is the best!



canvas prints

i like to drive, not all the time but i think you get a sence of freedom at least


Oh, I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to see more of your bike! You read my mind. I love the classic looks. Are the lights dynamo-powered, or do you have to recharge them?

I live in the U.S., but I bike everywhere, too! More and more of us are ditching our cars, I think. I live in a town with many bike lanes, but I bike even on the "unfriendly" streets now. You get used to traffic and learn how to stay visible & safe (oh, and dry-- heat and humidity are my biggest enemy right now).

I am very interested in how the children's trailer was rebuilt-- I currently haul home things like potting soil and river rock in a large camping backpack, or thrown over the rear rack of my big bike, but sometimes I want to haul home something a bit bigger from the thrift store. And I see those children's trailers on Craigslist all the time!


It's simply a wooden tray screwed onto the frame via some strips of wood. I think depending on what your cart looks like underneath you just have to wing it :). Make sure you attach the tray properly to the frame though so it doesn't pop up when you drive over a bump when it's empty.


Thank you for your blog! One of my favorites. Enjoy your vacation.

Debbie from Chicago

Love the bike trailer! It looks very handy.

Enjoy your vacation. My daughter got married 2 weeks ago and it was wonderful. It feels so good to have my life and routine get back to normal and I get to enjoy summer at our cabin in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Yay!


Solved alot of questions, I just assume you had most of the staff deliver to ur door... I wish I could ride my bicycle more often... Is already 40+ C in Cyprus, and is just unbearable...


Good tip! Thank you.

Lisa Flaherty

Very cool! Love the re-purposing of that kid trailer, that something that usually finds its way fast to the yard sale or charity shop has continued to serve a purpose well beyond the expected use period!!


Have a wonderful vacation! :)


Thank you for the review of your transportation. I especially appreciate the explanation on the re-do for the trailer!

Enjoy your time off! Archives, here we come! See you on the flip side, Benita!

Trixie SF

When I went to Sweden a couple of years ago, I almost came home with a Swedish bike. I got so jealous of everyone riding to work on the bike paths on those sturdy, comfortable bikes! Most of the European bikes we get here are scandalously expensive, they seemed much more reasonable there.


Have a Nice break. Will miss you but love the thought of you having a break. Enjoy.


Enjoy your break, Benita!
Don't miss "the miramoln competition" on Facebook where you can win 2 prints from miramoln.se :)



Enjoy your blog vacation, Benita. You deserve it. You work hard.


Great trailer!
Have a great break xxx

Ellen Patton

Is that a seat cover?!? Where did you get it?


Have a good rest. I love your bike. I wish our cities were more bike friendly in the US. Our public transportation is not up to snuff
either. I'm always a little jelous of Europe.


It is, I got it here : http://www.inreda.com/products_find.asp?page=1&SQ1=cykel&


Have a good break! :-) I will miss your blog, but I can look at the archives, and you deserve a break! Enjoy!!


Or you can make one yourself!



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You've got to be kidding me?!


Benita, I just want to say that the comment above is NOT written by the Vanessa who asks questions on a fairly regular basis. Just in case you cannot see that from given information. :) Have a great sunday evening.


I know :).


I'm pleased to see someone as inspiring as you work your way towards a better environment, I really am :) I knew you cycled but the trailer is just the best addition to all that.


I wanted to let you know that I thought of you today as I was riding my NEW BIKE! ( I actually looked up this post so I could re-comment! ) I was surprised that the cars here in Manhattan did not freak me out...the unpredictable pedestrians and my fellow cyclists caused me more stress! I'm sure I will get more accustomed as time goes on. My bike is a lot like yours but silver/gray colored...I wanted black but silver or blue were the only options. Now I want to get a cart like yours!



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