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June 07, 2012


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I LOVE Real Simple - and always bring back a few copies with me when I'm in the U.S. -- I've even paid the equivalent of $17 for a copy here in Zurich at a favorite news-stand. I will have to get this issue; I'm delighted that they featured your ideas :-)


I just got my copy and saw your name in there! Very cool!


Congratulations, very nice. Have a beautiful day!


There it is! I was wondering when you were going to mention it!


Well done!

Eleni | My Paradissi

Featured by Real Simple?! Great one Benita! Congrats =)

Petra from NL

You are getting FAMOUS!!


I'm in two minds about Real Simple - aesthetically, it looks very pleasing but contentwise, I have heard a lot of criticism for its commercialisation of simplicity, which really goes against the grain.
Nevertheless, it's an achievement to be in ANY magazine, and I'm sure you're really chuffed ;)

Susan - magazines are horrendously expensive here in Switzerland, but I've found many are now available online and for iPad at much more reasonable prices (CHF 3-7 rather than 14-16 or more!!)... and paperless is nice and simple, too - it's reduced my piles of mags by a tremendous amount!


Nice that they contacted you and didn't just "copy" ideas...


Grattis! Bra jobbat, och sug åt dig av bekräftelsen - du är fenomenal! <3


Why do Americans get all the best magazines!? Congratulations x


well done!!your blog is very very nice!!

Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto

Congrats on your blog being on Real Simple!
Did you know, that you, or rather your blog, have also been mentioned in "Molly Makes"? (at least in the German issue...)




I just reading Real Simple the other day and saw your pages. What a nice suprise it was to see you there! (You should be editing the magazine.)


I know I was featured in one of the UK issues but didn't know there even was a German version. How great!

Debbie Schroder

I saw your pages last night and was really excited! Congratulations!


I saw that and LOVED it! So proud. :)


I tried to subscribe while in the States to my Kindle Fire, but was unsuccessful. I don't have an iPad but will investigate further an online subscription. Thanks! Here's to less paper and piles :-)

Although I love the feel of this particular magazine - and the look. The recipes are nice too, aren't they?


LOL - I totally saw the candle drawer and thought of you...then saw your name!! Congratulations!


Wow! I'll get a copy today!


oh wow! i have this issue & recall the photo but will have to go back & read it again. congrats. love your blog & glad to see the recognition!


Congratulations Benita, it's more than fair ;)


You ARE the living version of Real simple. Well deserved and I hope you will be featured again.


christine e-e

Benita --- I was wondering when (or if?) you were going to share the fact that you appears in Real Simple. I've been taking this magazine since it first came on the stands... it's awesome...
I must admit, I subscribe to several magazines - often feeling guilty that my stack of magazines is not supporting keeping my life "simple"... BUT, I do use a lot of my magazine pages for scrapping projects, in collages & artwork, for journal inspiration, and what I don't use, I take to work --- and all the magazines are "snapped up in an instance" by my colleagues.
It's great to see you featured...


Wow, that's great Benita! Real Simple is as big as it gets here in the US for that niche. Congratulations! I will look for it when I finally get time to read my monthly issue!

Lisa Flaherty

Agreed that Benita is the living version of Real Simple! Well-stated, Nadia!

Lisa Flaherty

Congratulations! Love that mag!


Saw the feature. Congrats! I've bought every issue of Real Simple since the very first one. It does bother me, though, that the magazine is no longer either real or simple, as it was when it first came out. I still enjoy it for other reasons, but find the title to be extremely hypocritical.


Oj, det var stort! Ett av mina favoritmagasin också... så kul!


I so agree, Nadia! We don't need Real Simple when we've got Benita.


yes I saw your name there and I thought I know this is Betina! Yay!
greetings from CA.


I saw it too! I don't think they mentioned your blog name though? They should have!

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