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June 12, 2012


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It was definitely worth the wait Benita.


I like the new one better. But you don't think you need any path to the park area? If there is lot of walking back and forth will the grass survive?


Briliant - it looks really great now!


Hi Benita,

I really admire your patience and sense of vision. It is really worth all of that hard work and patience.



What a nice job!
It is interesting to know that there are professional for lawn overhaul. Where did you find them?



We don't walk through there very often so it's perfectly fine.


beautiful work there :D love it.


It's great to see the before, the in-between, and the after. Nice transformation.


I really, really love the after, especially that deck. That's a big change from those pink pavers! Those would have worked better on an English cottage in the countryside somewhere.


I love it - really fits with your house and stle. The added benefit seems to be that your tree has also filled in a lot!

Lisa Flaherty

What a transformation! So fun to look back and see all you've accomplished in just a short year!


I'm a fan of the country garden style, but what you had just didn't work with your house. Sometimes you need to pull stuff out to make it better. It looks so nice now and you have much more useable space.

I'm amazed at what you been able to get done in just one year!


I got in contact with them through the company that delivers garden supplies (dirt, fertilizer etc).


I agree with everybody above - it´s amazing how much you´ve acomplished in such short time but after todays post I realize what an enormous amount of work that lies behind it all. It´s a long wait and a long preparation before you can have this beautiful result. Your paticence is remarkable, Benita!

Will you plant something to separate your garden from the right-hand side neighbour and what is it that you´ve planted along the left side + against the fence?


It does require some careful planning and a lot of work but so worth it when you get the results you want :).

I'll tell you about the planting in an upcoming post!


Aha, then I will patiently wait ;) Have a great evening.


Your yard looks so clean and fresh.


I must say, I am so impressed with all that you do.
If you can give me an idea of how you get so much energy and inpiration to do what you do. And you have a family and job.


I can just say wow, wow and wow. Looks so nice. Do have done an amazing job, once again. Have a nice holiday!


I much prefer the after - simpler. cleaner lines!!! So glad you did this, it's very inspiring!

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