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July 23, 2012


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Melissa of craftgasm

I have an electrified swatter that we use for moths. I bet it would be good for flies since you don't have to catch them on a surface (since flies move pretty fast) but can hit them mid-aid to shock them. The body generally sticks to the grid until you bang them out over a trash can, so you don't have to deal with picking them up very often.


We had one of those a couple of years ago but I found it difficult to use against the window where the flies usually are making the annoying noise. The frame of the swatter made it more of a cage for the flies... I should have used it as a tennis racket I guess, catching them in mid air as you say :).


Are the flies around becoz of the hot weather? Are lavenders hard to plant? Mini is so adorable :D


There are always flies in summer over here and no, lavender's not difficult to plant. It needs good drainage and fairly dry conditions though so it should't be planted where water stays in the grund.


Lovely photos - apart from the one of Willie - that made me kind of sad!


Oh, but don't be sad. I'm really happy that Wille's starting to have a good relationship with Cecilia. And I'm always happy about alone time. As much as I love, love, love having Wille around, I always love when I get to be by myself :). I'm a loner at heart.


Yeah LAVENDER!!! I am so proud that I could influence you, Benita! (Normally it is the other way around!) I am so happy you like it in there! I think it looks great and know how nice the smell is!


Thanks again, Alisa!

Joolz Sexson

If you don't totally hate the smell of it, plant some rosemary in a pot next year and keep it close to the lavender. The smell of both of them together is amazing. :)


Hahaha, is there a secret kitty in the second picture with the lavender...? ;-)


Sorry, I meant third...


Haha, could be!


I smiled when I saw the fly swatter. I use mine quite a bit too. I miss the window screens that we had in Canada. They kept flies and other flying insects outside.
The lavender matches your clematis colour-wise and Miss Mini made me laugh :-).


Here in the states, screens in windows and doors are normal. The sound of the screen door slamming in the kitchen is a summer memory!

I just got back from my vacation in France, and knowing that there would be no screens, I brought mesh curtains from Ikea and cut them to fit the window and door in the kitchen. As much as I like the look of a window without screens, I just hate to be pestered by flies while I am cooking. Ugh, filthy things, and LOUD!

I too, like my alone time. If I don't get it, I get very grumpy. I need time to process and putter and do my thing. Then I am a happy girl.

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Beautiful bokeh in the first photo, golden and green!


Oh I love the photo of Wille walking away, I hope you enjoy your alone time too! It's nice to see the street and how things look a little different from where I live. As always you have inspired me to get some things done today. I'm off my Chez Larsson break, now back to organizing the linen closet! ;-)


Strange, the picture of Wille walking away made me sad too. But it's good to hear it wasn't sad in real life :)

LOVE lavender! One fine day it's going to line the entire walkway up to our door.

And finally, I'm dying to see that cowboy hat on your head ;)


We don't have almost any flies here...I guess they use some chemistry against them. I didn't see a single fly for weeks.
Photo with Wille makes a sad impression...or maybe it is just me being sad every time I see leaving...


ah, a fly swatter! we don't need them where i live, but at a childhood cottage on a prairie river it was required. i'm looking forward to seeing what you've done and redone! x


Random comment for fly problem: We were at a BBQ restaurant in East Texas years ago and they had clear plastic bags of water hanging from the open-air patio. We asked our waitress what they were for and she said they keep flies away. We went home and tried it and it REALLY WORKS! We have dogs and they are bothered by flies during the summer - but no more. We filled gallon size bags 2/3 or so full of water, tied a string to the top and hung them from nails around our patio - we use only 3 for a 15x15 foot space. Hope you try it and hope it works!


Your son Wille looks like a grown man now, I honestly thought he was a random male! That pic makes me sad because I'm seeing so much more than just my sweet 8yo boy now. As for all those bottles of bubbly, how did you stop yourself from breaking them open?


I was invited to the party later in the evening :).


Gosh, I have to try that!


Congrats on your Heart Home mag feature, Elisa! I tried to comment on your blog but couldn't remember my Typepad login. LOVELY HOME!

Ramona K

I love that photo of Mini! We have two cats, Tom and Jerry and it never ceases to amaze me how they gravitate towards all sources of old - sometimes ancient - water and set to work with their pink tongues. Plenty of fresh water around, but oh no...Still they´ve never been sick and they are now 11 years old.

Enjoy your alone-time Benita.


maybe u r an introvert, like me. i enjoy being alone too.

Tuca Passarelli

The Fly Problem... do you know Citronella Oil? Some candles or something like that are great for that. And it's a "natural". "green" solution.


Lucky you.


I didn't know citronella works against flies. I thought mosquitos, but good to know!

Tuca Passarelli

I'm not SOOOOO SURE, but here in Brazil we have labels with the recomendation "against mosquitosa AND flies". You know... it's a nice try, for sure. You'll never know...

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