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July 26, 2012


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I think that's a hippo with an open mouth

Melissa of craftgasm

It's definitely a hippo, but in the packaging I thought it was a birdie on a weird perch at first!

Account Deleted

wow Finlay this is hippo ....

Commodity Tips


I agree -- first I thought it was a birdy on a Rhino's head - then realized its perhaps a hippo ready to eat something! What a great idea to use for the jeans. Folks here in Switzerland air out suit jackets on the balcony all the time. Could be because the cleaning costs are so sky high!


HIPPO! Thanks :)

May / amycapdet

Lovely! What a good idea!


Cool hippo - hope the jeans are still considered cool by the time they 'fit'!


It's so cute!! I want one! :)


I've never heard of these jeans.


I love Nudie!


A hippo ?? I thought it was a squirrel !... Nice jeans though...


For that cool price this jeans has to be perfect from the day one ;-)))
Besides that I have a similiar solution for balcony to air some jackets etc.


"In the event of sunshine" - bahaha! No chance of that this summer! :(

Account Deleted

Me neither, Luna...


Benita - I read somewhere once that putting your jeans in the freezer 'cleans' them as well as washing. I imagine by 'clean' it means kills the germs but not the dirt - ha!


Ooh, good to know, didn't think of that!


Surfing from blog to blog I ended up at "Chez Larsson". I have to say that I love your style and I will be surely returning often as my husband and I have just bought a house in the Paris outskirt, which will need some renovation. I'm sure "Chez Larsson" will offer lots of inspiration.
(PS: Does your all white kitchen comes from Ikea ? You may have said it but I didn't scroll through all the pages...yet!)


Here's a link to instructions for 'cleaning' jeans by putting them in the freezer.

I've never tried it. I'll stick with soap and water.


Yes, the whole thing's IKEA!


Do those jeans turn his legs blue? I read about that problem and experienced it myself with a new pair that I washed every time I wore them (I am much too old to follow that 6 month trend) They still give off dye!

Lisa Flaherty

So cute and practical, fun yet unobtrusive! It will look great even when not being used to air out jeans, and will probably come in handy for unforseen uses! My next house will not be stucco from edge to edge, top to bottom--too much of a pain to add a useful hook outdoors, or mend a loose gate.




Noted! Thanks.
Will go for an all white too!!


They don't but the outside does give off a little bit of dye so Wille doesn't sit on the white sofa in the den without putting a blanket first. And I didn't ask him to, he figured that out himself :).


What we do for our children! Oi!


So cute! What a fun idea!


Have you shown us pictures of the den inside? That's at the top of the steps? And Wille's bed is in the little room over the former Benita bedroom nook? And then there is a bigger room where the shelves are and the door to the balcony? Hmmm, I think I'd better go look up the floor plan huh? Anyway the hook is a nice addition. Not little kiddie, kinda funky and cool.


I love it! And yes to freezing jeans. Apartment Therapy even made a video about it: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-freeze-your-jeans-143246

Amy R

My boyfriend and I both have selvage denim jeans. We wash them almost never. I'd say once a year maybe. Granted, I usually only wear them on the weekends but I find they get plenty aired out just hanging in my closet.


I'm definitely trying it !


Yes, this is what it looks like: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/06/the-den.html


Nudie is à swedish brand i think, perhaps not that big abroad.


Hahaha, I popped in to suggest freezing the jeans and then brushing them, but have been beaten to it! Love the hook, wish they were available here!

Meredeth (xgirl0)

You beat me to it, Monica!

Put them in the freezer then shake them out (out side) like a rug. Allegedly, all the "yuck" comes off this way. A very seemingly-knowledgable salesperson in a store told me this trick.

Monica Karlstein – Hemmafixbloggen

Haha, vilken härlig krok. Och ja, den passar ju perfekt där och inte bara i ett barnrum. Vilken härlig blogg du har.

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