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July 18, 2012


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I just love how you can take something old and cruddy looking and make it look so pretty and clean and perfect.


it's lovely :D U used a sewing machine for the velcro?


I did.


I enjoy the view too, it's lovely in all it's simplicity.Good idea to use velcro.

The before was seriously ghetto, I had forgotten that.


I didn't expect this at all! It looks good and suits your scheme.


Is anyone a fan of chain link fencing? In my opinion, the only place chain link fencing belongs is around a construction site. I can understand why it was the first thing you got rid of. Your house looks so beautiful! What a wonderful transformation.

Yazmak İyidir

Is there anything you can not do Benita?
Love Mini and her cool styles eheh :)


It looks great! It must be so pleasing to get these little things ticked off your list!


It sure is!


There lots.
1) Cook. I can follow a recipe but I can't improvise in the kitchen.
2) Drive. Have a license but the thought of driving freaks me out.
3) Dive. The thought of putting my head in the water before my body.. Just can't. I'm great at diving down once in the water, have great lung capacity but I look like a little kid holding my nose when jumping in feet first.
See, lots!


It makes great difference after the transform! Clean and good!


I love the look. I would never think of fabric for this type of solution. Will you remove the fabric for winter?


I think I will. Give it a clean and then roll it up for storage.


It looks good! But would it stay clean for long, since near the ground and all the rain etc.?


So far so good and I will probably store it indoors during the winter months.


Love it...xxxx


Your talents are boundless.


Using the awning fabric is a great idea! It looks amazing and I think your neighbors must love you! I wish you were my neighbor! The lady behind me prefers "ghetto chic". ;-)

Lilla huset på prärien

wow - så snyggt! fantastiskt vilken skillnad det blev. bra idé att byta till tyg också. super!

kram jenny


Dear Miracle Girl: Will there ever come a day when you don't completely amaze and inspire me? I hope not!


Your backdoor neighbors must be so glad you moved in.
I am really impressed by the job you did cleaning up that banister. That must have been a long and very tedious job.

Lisa Flaherty

Seriously, how adorable are you???? :)

Lisa Flaherty

Wow! When you had mentioned using awning fabric on the banister, I had no idea what you meant! This looks perfect!


That looks so much better than before! I really like the transformation and it just goed to show that even the ugliest things can become beautiful again with a little hard work. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog


Brilliant solutions as always x


Hey Benita, may I make another suggestion to you? That is to make the back-side of awning fabric another color scheme that incorporates with the existing velcros so you could change to the reverse side if you want for a different look. Anyway, I like your new awning fabric banister. They look great.


I would have never thought to put material up on there. Wow!


Dear Benita,
It's been a while for when I check my google reader updates, I'm excited to see what you have blogged, but this one is a pure genius, I had to leave a note, well done.
It's a funny thing, this whole internet & blogging, I live in this corner of the world & get to know someone in the other corner, heck even my cousin doesn't know what my house looks like!! (we live in different continents)
Thanks for sharing

Yazmak İyidir

I know, right? :) She's such a sweetheart!

Noga from Israel

You are one and only. This is such an improvement! Hope you are well! Here it is such a heat, that I can't even think of doing anything....
Just hello from Israel,

Out of Ours

Your house looks amazing Benita! I bet you are putting all your neighbours to shame! Not only by giving your house a massive make-over but getting the jobs done so effectively too. Can you give us a little snippet of your house against your neighbours? Go on...


I have been receiving your posts for awhile now, and I've got to say that I love every post! It is amazing what you have done at your house, from the lovely deck to the yard re-vamp, it looks so beautiful now! Thank you so much for sharing with us! You are incredible!

Bernadette @ B3HD

Gorgeous privacy option. Those hydrangeas will be beautiful.



Looks fantastic!


I'm so impressed: what great vision you have!!


Det måste vara tufft att bo granne med dig... ;) ;)


I am curious about storing your rakes, brooms, etc. outdoors where they get rained on regularly. It seems so convenient but how are they holding up in terms of discoloration, rot, etc? Thanks!


I store them outside during spring, summer and autumn but bring them inside over the winter months. I guess they do get a bit damaged from the elements but they're all hanging freely so when rained on they dry up fairly quickly when the sun comes out. It would be better to keep them inside or more sheltered of course but just not practical for every day access.

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