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July 05, 2012


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What lovely results.


Oijoi! The chair is so pretty!


So glad that you're back. All is right with the world again!

Diane Buckner

Clean and white--makes me smile. Maybe you already answered, but where did you get those gorgeous square flowerpots?


They're from IKEA!


Scrubber ;)


Looked att some of your old post. I like that little white (of course) alarmclock on your bedside table ( June 11. 2012). I´ve been looking all over for something similar, but haven´t found one yet. May I ask where you got it?
For the time beeing I use my mobil phone, and I find that so annoying setting the alarm every night.

Good work on that sunbed!
Lots og love from Göteborg

Marjorie @ One Parade

Don't you love when some good old fashioned elbow grease pays off? Looks like new!

Account Deleted

Thanks for your post and welcome to check: http://bit.ly/cNSmpW


Yahoo! Good as new!Love them next to that gorgeous white fence!


I got that clock from a local watch store but Muji sells (or at least used to sell) a nicer version of it,


Would you mind saying where you got those chairs? They are LOVELY!!


They're Amigo by Fiam: http://www.designdelicatessen.com/products/104-garden-furniture/2929-fiam---amigo-sun-bed-white/

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