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July 24, 2012


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Love the Famille Summerbelle prints - they are so amazing! Bee x


This is such an intricate work. Thanks for sharing the video.


Amazing video!


We work with a paper cutter in Baltimore, Annie Howe, who cuts them up custom for events at the farm. So fantastic! I've seen them done for weddings and other parties too and just love them.

Lisa Flaherty

Incredible! And all drawn backwards! Growing up in a suburb 20 minutes outside of "The City", I am partial to the San Francisco one, and really enjoyed the video! Off to check out their website now! Thank you for sharing this, Benita!

Helen | Living Longingly

Hi Benita, I love the prints you've chosen! Can I ask where you buy your frames from? I'm currently looking for simple white frames for a colourful collection of artwork and these look like just the thing! Hope this isn't a question you've been asked a hundred times already ;)


I buy most of my frames at IKEA. Their Ribba line.


Can you tell me where you got the "thou shalt not....." print from?


It's by Ylva Skarp http://shop.ylvaskarp.se/en/products/print/print-shit.html.


Thanks for sharing this!
Last weekend we were in Ikea and looked at their large New York photo (the old one) and discussed whether it would be nice in our hallway. Luckily we decided to think about it. This famille Superbelle print will be waaaay nicer. :)

Helen | Living Longingly

Thank you!


I love the Famille Summerbelle prints too. I bought the pink Paris print for a friend a few years ago, I'm tempted to buy one for my daughters nursery.

Jules Means

Love these paper cuts! They appeal to the anal compulsive in me and they are gorgeous. Just subscribed to Mokkasin's blog, too- Jules


Found your site today through YHL and so glad I did - I rarely buy art because I like to have my own original work up but I couldn't resist this San Francisco print! I CAN NOT WAIT until it arrives as I have just the place for it.

Love your site as well - your photos are gorgeous!

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