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July 20, 2012


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Love your poster but I love the one above just a little more! :-)

Lorna from Atlanta

Do you see Carnaby St? My fav in the 60's


It's good to know one can still get positively surprised about the quality of customer service somewhere :) The poster looks great in your green!


Who is the silver one by? It looks great!


It even has a picture of Alfred Hitchcock. Brilliant!


Yup, it's there!


I like it! I went to see his(?) site. I love that there is also a poster about Brighton together with London and New York, that's so humorous :D


The silver one is by Famille Summerbelle http://www.famillesummerbelle.com/home.php?cat=490


That one's by Ylva Skarp :)


Absolutely brilliant - and love that you have a custom green one too x


Oioioi - den var sååå kuuul! Jeg har nettopp vært på ferie i England, og MÅ nesten ha en sånn! Tusen takk for tipset! Problemet er at din favorittfarge er min favorittfarge óg, så det er mulig jeg må være en total copycat, hvis det er ok for deg?

Diana from San Francisco

Love - thou shall not take shit. I think I need to own that print.


I guess he thinks Brighton rocks. Haha!


Helt ok! Hänvisa till min beställning så kan han nog ta fram samma gröna igen.


I love how the link I posted further up says /print - shit/ :).


Dear Benita,
As for cities, London is the love of my life. I absolutely love the picture. Red is just not my thing however... What Pantone colour is your green?

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

There seems to be a new cushion for the Tulip chair in photo one, Benita? Oh, and Apple mice don't need a mousepad to be used on white or glossy surfaces, right? Love that!
Have a good weekend :)


Benita!!! What an absolutely great print! I am currently looking for artwork for our living room, and was hoping to find something relating to London, seeing as my husband and I both love the city and have been there several times. And even the cyan works perfectly for our living room. YAHOO! Thanks for sharing. :-)


Edit: I just saw the London one only comes in red, the Brighton one comes in cyan. Guessing from what you wrote above, though, I have high hopes that it'll be no problem to have it in cyan, though... ;-)


There's a post on the cushion here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/05/new-seat-cushion.html

And that's right, you don't need a mousepad but I do have a clear plastic desk thing because I don't like the noise of the mouse against the hollow core desktop... It does make for a slower mouse which I've gotten used to but which drives Wille crazy when he uses it :).


Ah, sorry about that but he does do custom colors at an extra fee so you can probably get it. I'll edit the text!


I chose 355C.

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Haha! Thank you! I'll check the cushion post right away! BTW, I didn't mention it before but I absolutely love ALL the posters you've got.


Supert - det var lurt!:o)


I like how the London Eye sticks out from the circle. Have a great weekend!


You are mentioned on his Facebook page


He e-mailed me after seeing the post up asking if he could tweet about it and post it on his Facebook page and of course I said yes :).

Yazmak İyidir

Whoa! I lurrrved the red "London Calling" poster. Want one now but way too expensive for "a poster" I believe (not that I think it's just a simple poster).
Can we Chez Larsson readers have a discount at the shop, Dear Nickprints? I'm so used to seeing promotions on blogs now I'm addicted.


Very cool. Can't wait to go over there and see what else they've got. Happy weekend to you!


Benita & everyone else... thanks for the nice comments.
Silke - i can do any colour you want (email me for a quote)... Yazmak - Sorry you find it expensive. It is printed on excellent quality paper & took me 3-4 months to create... Leena - I live in Brighton, work in London and love visiting New York - hence the 3 cities i have done.


You are most welcome, Nick, I love my poster!

Froken Fräken

Snyyyggt! Och jag gillar ur den, trots alla små figurer inte känns rörig eftersom mönstret är i en cirkel! Är det Ribba-ramar till eller?


Nej, just dessa har jag köpt på Gallerix men de ser lika ut som Ribba. Dock dyrare men utan besväret att ta sig ut till IKEA utan bil :).

Cyn | decyng

I love that poster! have a nice weekend! Greetings from Argentina


He need to come here to do Stockholm! And Göteborg! And Malmö!


I just tried going to the 'Nickprints' site and got a 'Bandwith exceeded' which indicates to me that there is a lot of traffic to that site today! You are a job creator, Benita! I'll try the site later. I agree with Zosia; I love how the Eye sticks out from the confines of the circle! Escape!


Faaaabulous! It would be great to see the sources of all your posters/art in the future, since you have such great taste. Thanks for giving this to us. I suspect Nick is going to get a lot of traffic during the next few days! Kramar.


Ha! Just tried to click on his site and this is what I got on the screen:
" The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later." You crashed his server!!!


Love love love the poster. I live near Brighton so will definitely have to keep this in mind for future gifts. .. Or maybe treat myself :-)



the spectator

that. is. gorgeous.


Lovely poster.


Men så fin! Nu vill jag också ha en!!! :)


love yr posters! wish we had such nice posters here :)

Yazmak İyidir

Hi Nick,
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your efforts on your art work and I think it turned out fabulous. I'm still considering buying one, since our anniversary is approaching, it could be a nice gift for my husband ;)


Hi Benita, what's the tiny dark object in the far left white frame?
I can't see it very well and I'm curious as a the proverbial cat



It's a teeny tiny cat pillow :).

Out of Ours

Really great poster!

I have one similar to this on my wish list. I've seen other countries done in the same way..


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