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July 17, 2012


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just another yummy post...can i ship you over here to vancouver,canada to help renovate my house!!


Du är ju helt fantastisk. Men det visste du väl redan. :)


great job. I think the cover will look as good in grey/taupe fabric ;-)


It looks great. You definitely need to keep some hand sewing supplies and projects in there; perfect for hiding away when un-needed!


That is gorgeous fabric, and you're right about the round shape. Oddly enough, I liked the footstool stripped down in its bare naked state, too, though I'll bet it was a bit less pristine and minimalist up close than the photos show Is that birch?


I love the Josef Frank material. I think the sheep skin is perfect for the top, and it will wear much better than the linen. I love all your little projects. You have inspired me to tackle many projects around my home.


I also thought it looked cool nude but the fabric was a bit to stained for my liking and the wood a bit too rough. Not sure about the type of wood.


I did not see any potential on the round ottoman on the first photo. Gaa! I need to broaden my mind.

You made it beautiful. I like the sheepskin too. That is not from Ikea?


No, it's from a sheep farm on the isle of Gotland.


Oh, like to find something like that. Would be perfect at home or at summer cabin...

You have ideas which inspire a lot - thanks!


I just knew it would look great after that woodo that you do so well!


Great! Except for the sheep skin on the top.


Love your ottoman makeover - the green and white fabric is so fresh!

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

I just love it! Just a question, Benita: do the staples on the side still show? Did you cover them with any trimmings? Thank you :-)


They're actually still showing but now that you mention it I may cover them with some white trimming. Haha, I forgot! I guess I rolled it in place with the staples facing backwards and didn't give it any more thought.


A great find. Love the fabric.


Did you secure the sheepskin in any way or does it just rest on the top? Love your creative ingenuity!

Julia @ life on churchill

what a great idea! the green adds a nice pop of color.
We recently refinished a dresser where we considered casters.


as always...well done! this inspires me to recover our round ottoman! lots of nifty modern patterned shower curtains at Target that i've been wanting to use for projects around the house since i had my banquette cushions made out of them - http://blondemafia.blogspot.com/2012/07/cushion-for-tush-ion.html. you just gave me my next quickie project!

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Haha! That's very ME!!! I'd love to see it in case you do it someday :-)


I didn't secure it, it stays put on its own and this way I can remove and shake it every once in a while

Vicki K

I have never seen an ottoman like it - Your special fabric looks WonDErFul on it!


Hejhej! Så fint det blev, tyget är ju fantastiskt. Och häftpistolen är ett helt fantastiskt verktyg.

Lisa Flaherty

Wow! What a great find!


I love looking at redone thrift-store items. You did a fantastic job with this...it's so pretty now!

And, oddly, I had to look all over for a square ottoman. I like squares and rectangles in my home because, for me, curved pieces take up more space and have less storage. You've totally inspired me to keep hand sewing supplies in mine, too.

Marjorie @ One Parade

I love how you see the potential in things, Benita! Inspires me to head over to our local thrift store this weekend. Maybe I'll find a gem. :)


that's a fabulous shape, and of course the casters are inspired. x


Why do you use white primarily.for everything you do inside and outside the house?


The fabric is great and the whole thing turned out very nicely!


Because I like how light and fresh it looks and feels.


Så snyggt! Blir avundsjuk på dig. Du tycks hitta "guldkorn" i Secondhands affärena.


What a great make over! What I love about this is that you can store items inside it! Lovely fabric. Your projects are very inspiring.


Love it and everything you touch! maybe some grosgrain ribbon attached to the stapled seam would be an easy fix?

Janell Beals

What you did with this ottoman is fantastic, love the pattern, so cheerful! Janell

Bernadette @ B3HD

Love the find and would love to see what it looked like with the green linen. The sheepskin is interesting (and probably super comfy!).

Love thrift shopping.


I love that fabric. Where did you get it?


There's a link in the post :)


Love it!! Where'd ya get the sheepskin!?



Here's one of the sources I've used for sheep skins; http://www.gotlamm.se/sv/english/


I was at the WalMart last night and they had an ugly loud round ottoman (think teen girl's room) on deep clearance. I thought of this post and was verrrrry tempted to buy it. Alas, there was no storage in it!

But... I could have remade it to look better, now I know it!

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