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July 27, 2012


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Vilket fint kort! Mitt katthjärta smälter... Och HURRA för ledighet! Hojta om vi ska ses någon kväll :)


Picture purrrfect :-). Trevlig helg!

Yazmak İyidir

Oh my God! This is the cutest photo of two cats living together!! They look like they spend some time apart then get together to catch up and watch the neighborhood together and chat about it! Just like bros and sisters do :)


Oh, that actually made me say AWWW out loud :). Little angels. And the garden looks lush and gorgeous!

Iga,  from Warsaw, Poland

Have a nice weekend too....
They look like husband and wife :) Your garden looks very nice ... What are the names white flowers in the photo? Are these roses?


The white bush is a Philadelphus/Mock Orange. Unfortunately not the fragrant version (which smells like Juicy Fruit gum!.


What a beautiful garden you have, and lovely kittens <3 Have a nice weekend and good luck with your projects :-)


OMG That's TOO adorable! :)


Soo adorable!
Have a nice weekend! X


They look so cute together! :) And your garden look's beautiful!!

Lisa Flaherty

Darling! Enjoy your productive week off!

Account Deleted

Awww, how cute they are together :) Your garden is lovely...and have a nice week off!!


I love this picture so much it makes my (little, black) heart hurt.

Enjoy your time off of work! We'll all be here waiting to see all you'll have done when it's over. :)


that looks a lovely scene. Enjoy your break - look forward to seeing what you get up to.

May - amycapdet

What a beautiful opportunity photo! Your little ones are so cute! Enjoy your week off 😊
PS: I almost forgot, I couldn't get to this post early this morning (at about 8:00). Yesterday's post was in the main page. Guess something went wrong with the server? As I said, have a nice week off!


Hahaha, I was thinking about the Skylights yesterday but didn't want to jinx you. That picture is precious.


I hope you and those little cats have a nice week.

Iga,  from Warsaw, Poland

thank you for information :)

Lisa W

This photo needs to be a printed as a poster! SO lovely!


Hi Benita,

I live in England and love reading your blog. Next weekend I am coming to Stockholm! If I can persuade my partner,(or find him a shady spot and an English newspaper), I plan to do some shopping! IF you have time (and I know you are very busy so don't worry if this isn't possible), could you recommend me some home/interior shops to visit? I hope you don't mind me asking, I tried to email you but couldn't get the link to work. I am very excited!


Welcome to Stockholm! I wrote a post with some shopping tips earlier so check out this post; http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/12/stockholm-shopping.html


I've heard of the bag of water trick as well. I don't understand why that would deter flies?

I will say, I'm always suprised how window screens only seem to exist in the United States. I guess we are lucky! But I can't imagine opening a window and not having a screen. It also keeps all the neighborhood animals outside!


Det här kan mycket väl vara en av de finaste, grönaste, skönaste, sötaste kattbilder jag har sett ever! Och då har jag ändå "plöjt" mååånga kissebilder i min dag.

Lyckos dig som har så fina fotomissemodeller som Mini och Bonus och lyckos dem som har en matte som är en sjusärdeles till ögonblicksfångare. :)


ps. Jag la upp fotot på lap topen som skrivbordsbild, så nu är de två små sötnosarna det första som jag ser när jag fäller upp locket till dagens elektroniska vedermödor.


Hi Benita
What an adorable photo of your two babies...I recently lost one of my cats and I miss the way the two of them used to interact, so I loved the picture..such a sweet reminder...enjoy your summer break and I hope you manage to get all of your chores done!


I've seen the idea of the plastic bags with water but also to add pennies (one cent .01 USD value). Here in US pennies are copper. Maybe they have a shine through the water that scares flies?? Don't know. Haven't tried it for myself. Your blog and your house are beautiful. Thank you So very much for all the work you put into it to share with us our here in internet.

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