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July 19, 2012


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amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Witty and neat solution :)!


I know this is a weird comment, but here we go: my husband is an electrical contractor here in Australia, which means I'm fairly aware of all things electrical. To this end, may I say that it's interesting to see what a Swedish switchboard looks like - ours are very different! See, told you it was weird! ;)


Ah, is switchboard the correct term?! Learn something new every day! This is the old school version. New ones actually have switches so when the power goes off somewhere the switch goes up (or is it down?) and you just turn it on again.


I love simple tweakings like this!


I think the cabinet is rather cute. Love the old sign and the containers for the fuses are really convenient.

Out of Ours

We had a similar thing with the boiler in the kitchen of the house back in the UK. All the pipes below the boiler was an eye sore whenever you walked in the kitchen. My husband built a box out of chipboard that we could slide in front of all the pipes which made any maintenance really easy. We painted it the same colour of the tiles behind the pipes so that it would all be nice and seamless. Ingenius idea with having the spares attached to the inside in boxes! Must "pin" that for future use...


Such a Nice solution! It looks really great, thank for sharing your great work! Have a happy and beautiful Day.



Fabra DiPaolo

You and your blog are amazing! Thanks for being so inspiring!


I just love how you ALWAYS come up with simple solution that are both very practical as well as visually appealing. Am full of admiration.


Great little containers. You mention that the bottom addition is screwed in and glued on permanently. Don't you need to get to that white thing that looks like a charger in a socket, from time to time?


I always enjoy posts like this the most for some reason. I love tidy utility areas! The switches are called "breakers" in the U.S., so we call the box the circuit breaker or just the breaker box. Most municipal codes require you to update electrical when doing any major renovation, so fuses are becoming rare (outside of cars).


I know the kind of boiler you mean! Great solution!

Pine Tree Home

I just love how you come up with ways to organize everything!

Lisa Flaherty

You have such a fantastic eye for detail! Love it!


you make everything beautiful! x


You are such a genius it blows me away. I hope you keep blogging forever.

Laura in Seattle

You have a talent for making things simple, attractive and easy to use (i.e., organized.) I'm inspired!

Account Deleted

You are a brave woman, i would never ever ever get anywhere near fuse box cabinet!


Jag kikar ofta in här på din blogg Benita, och vet du? jag blir såååå otroligt imponerad av dig. Du är inte en kvinna som ger upp och tittar åt ett annat håll och du törs ge dig på saker som jag aldrig skulle ge mig på!

En massa kramar till dig!


We were able to buy fuses with a reset button right in the middle - so much easier


Oj, tack :)


the container is cute... i can adapt it EVERYWHERE. Thanks for the idea.

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