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July 11, 2012


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i quite agree. they're just such great climbers, they won't need much, it's already gorgeous. i strung wire for some in a shady london garden once, only horizontal - this is much nicer! x


I remember seeing that idea in Martha a long time ago too. It really looks great!


I LOVE simple solutions like that and many times they are also the best looking ones. Great job and it´ll be fun to follow how the wall changes over time. Have a beautiful day!


Wow it's a genius idea,it really is!!! Good luck with your Clematis! I hope you'll show us when they Bloom.have a beautiful day.


Simple and very effective - the trellis. Nice song to start the day, though I don't understand a word they are singing :-).


I got an e-mail from the band asking very politely if I would post a link to the song if I like it, and I do. They're unsigned and I love to be able to give them a little bit of exposure. Wille wants to get into music so I can totally relate to them :).


Hi Benita, a totally random question for you - what do you call the vegetable that in English is called a swede????


Sometimes I wonder about my brain, I really do.

Paula in wintery Sydney (jealous coz clematis just won't grow in our too warm climate).


I have no idea. Anyone else know?


I found it! It's called a kålrot which seems to be the same as rutabaga.



MacLeod House

I *love* your white pots at the end of your deck - where did you get them?


They're from IKEA. Same as these ones but I can't find the square ones on the US site. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50216291/

Account Deleted

I love the band!


The trellis looks fantastice! I just LOVE everything you have done out there!
The band sounds great! They have sort of a One Direction meets Jack Johnson vibe. Very cute boys, I'm sure little American girls would go crazy for them if they sang in English, but I'll bet little Swedish girls are going crazy for them! ;-)


What a great trellis idea! I'm not sure how it slipped by me in all my Martha mags, but thanks for remembering - it looks wonderful!


Last photo is just great!!!

MacLeod House

Thanks a million - I'm in the UK - so I'll go and check the UK IKEA site out. I *heart* IKEA and even though our nearest one is 55 miles away I still go at least once a month to walk around and pick some things up!


i am picturing you listening to svensk reggae and whipping your hair.

MacLeod House

Found them! http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50216291/#/30216292

Thanks again!!


LOVE the video, makes me very happy, but I have NO IDEA what they are singing about. Peace, Love and Happiness I assume?

Lisa Flaherty

Love that simple trellis idea! Will look so pretty with the clematis blooming. Cute, Swedes, indeed! Catchy, feel-good tune. I was looking for Wille in the video. Am I remembering correctly that he was in a car commercial some time ago?


Wille's not in it but he does do some acting/extra work:). These guys sent me an e-mail asking if I would be willing to post a link since they're unsigned and want a bit more exposure. How could I say no? So cute! AND I like the song!


Actually about enjoying summer in the city :). Love how they're walking the streets of Stockholm. It looks very similar to where we used to live before moving in to our first house.


Hey Benita, your blog was featured on Canadian House and Home. Check it out here



I got an e-mail from Gwen there earlier today asking if it was ok so I know but thanks so much for the heads up!


Here are the square ones on the US site. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50216291/#/30216292

And here's the square saucer. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10216288/#/30216287


The clematis look really happy to have that new spot. As for your neighbour's side profile, not pretty. Thanks for the song, it's stuck in my head now :)


I went to see your cute "Swedes" and I only have one thing to say: I am on my way to Sweden right now, and the one in the red shirt is MINE!!


So simple, but so pretty! I'm moving into a new house tomorrow and am going to borrow your (Martha's) trellis idea. Thank you!

-Shana in Oklahoma (south central U.S.)


Goodie, because the one in the white shirt is so mine. Unfortunately I'm old enough to be his mother...


Ooh, how exciting!


AHhh! Summer in the City! Right now I am enjoying summer in the S of France, but next week it will be back to summer in the Big Apple for me...hope I am as happy about summer in the city as these cuties are!


Hi Benita, vilken fin låt! Sommarkänsla, positivt och massor med energi! Får mig att sakna Sverige och Stockholm.
Fin idé med clematis, jag tror jag testar det nästa år. Ha en bra helg!

Fat Cat

Thanks for posting this simple - but very effective - trelis idea ! Your clematis look great on there.

Very cute blokes indeed :-) I don't understand Swedish, but the video just put a smile on my face. Thanks !

Bernadette @ B3HD

Love this super easy trellis. I have a wood fence that I really like and don't want to cover and think I will do this too. Think the spot may be too shady for most of my climbers most of the day, but willing to give it a try since this is such an easy looking project.

Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer S.

I love this song. They are so happy!

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