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August 20, 2012


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Good morning!
Tell me pls...how do they send you those magazines? Where do you order them from? I have tried the american site but they only send to the USA not Europe :(((


Oh you sold the expedit! I loved what www.the-brick-house.com did, she attached kitchen cabinets on the wall and added a wooden top on it. Cannot find the link sorry. But I'm almost certain you have already seen it.

Could the plant be something from this family


Very cool that you were in the papers in India! The coffee cup stain adds a nice flair.

Also, even if it's a weed, I really like the white flowering bush.

Thanks for these photos; I look forward each week to a peek into your corner of the world.


Oh my goodness! Please tell me where the huge Boston terrier picture is from? It is awesome!


Over here Martha Stewart Living is sold in magazine shops and we can subscribe through a place called Press-stop, which is a local thing. Try googeling "International subscriptions" (in your language)and you might getlucky!


Wiesenknöterich heisst die Pflanze. Wächst bei mir wie wild. Für mich ist es zwar Unkraut, aber es lässt sich sehr gut entfernen und bis man was besseres gepflanzt hat ist es keine schlechte Alternative =)

Vicki K

Have you collected/subscribed MSL from the beginning? Love your dog photo - it's surprising from a cat lover!


Ah, the "fauxdenza", yes, I'm familiar with it and have considered it :).

Thanks for the link! Will go home and check out the intersections between the branches to see if what I have is indeed that plant. If it is it seems more of a weed than something keep worthy since it doesn't seem that the flowers will open up.


It's by Andy Warhol. I got got from Allposters http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Dog-c-1986-Posters_i3246006_.htm




I have. I discovered Martha back in 1990 on my honeymoon in London when I bought a book by her and then a little later found out she had a magazine. In the beginning I wrote to their offices and asked them nicely if I could send me issues and later when that was possible got an international subscription but for many years now I've been subscribing through a local Swedish service, Press-stopp. For a long time I missed issue no.1 but was able to get it on Ebay a number of years ago so my collection's now 100% complete!

Oh, I love cats but grew up with dogs (greyhounds)and love all doggies too :).


"Bunus having a snack in front of the freshly painted radiator. Painting radiators are hell and I have another two to go."

Do you have any tipps for painting the radiator? I have the same one as you.
Have a nice week Benita :-)


I have a future post about it planned!

Rattling On

I think you're right and the plant is a buddleia (maybe White Profusion?). There are dozens of variants and some of them are dwarf. What good luck it's white!!


Make some stools of the magazines like I show on my blog, practical and cool! :-) http://ledesigncraft.blogspot.se/2012/07/bocker-pa-annat-satt.html
But I love Expedit and you can hang the smaller ones on the wall also.


I´ve started to read Martha Stewart living on my iPad, works fast and smoothly! :-) Not quite the same feeling though, but pretty handy still. :-)


Oh! Fingers crossed!


I also still really like Expedit but didn't want it in my living room any longer and don't have anywhere else to put it so it had to go :).


It's so nice to read a Chez Larsson post after a week of being away. I don't put my coffee cup on my Mac while I read, so no coffee stains. I thought it was kind of cute that you received a "well read", as in "well loved", copy of the Indian newspaper with your projects in it :-).


I just love Martha's bright orange pants/jeans. Sorry, I can't tell.


Your house looks so clean and nice, Benita!

Great MSL cover. Martha and Oprah look so perfect on their magazine covers that I don't want their cosmetic surgeons, I want their Photoshop person.

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Very good house thanks for share

Debbie from Chicago

I had the same collection of Martha's magazines and recently I put them all in my recycling bin. We are moving and I decided it was time to get rid of them. I tried giving them away on Craigslist but I had no takers.:-(


Haha! They do look ultra good don't they :)


I think your mystery plant is a pieris. Lovely evergreen:


Thanks, it looks lovely but I don't think it's the one, the leaves on mine aren't that shiny...




I couldn't stand knowing that you'd been featured somewhere but not being able to link to it. After a bit of searching, I found the article.


And no wonder your yard always looks great! Mowing two times a week! Are you sure that you're not twins? You've gotta sleep sometime, don't you?


Your plant is Itea... it's a fine shrub, but it grows via suckers, so it will SPREAD all over the place if you let it (hence its volunteering) It will have some nice purplish/red color in the fall, but overall it's sort of not a very "valueable" shrub. After a 2+ year battle, we've finally managed to kill ours - VICTORY! (sorry - you may love yours, but it wasn't for us!)

Karen from Virginia

Your plant looks very similar to the Virginia Sweetspire:


I have them in my garden and they're wonderful plants.


I love seeing the glimpses of your home. . . so fresh, white and inspiring!!


Oh, thank you so much! I tried to find it for my "as seen" in page but couldn't. You're a right detective, aren't you? :) I've now added it to my page!

And, if I mow twice a week it only takes ten minutes each time. If I wait a whole week it takes three times the time because the push mower doesn't like tall grass :).


Don't think that's it after comparing the leaves. Thank you though!


Oh, I'm so sorry that you did that, Debbie! I'll bet that your local library would love to have had them to sell at their book sales. Martha Stewart's magazines are classics and loved by many library patrons! Next time, maybe?


Du sprichst Deutsch? :)


The plant looks like what we call a butterfly bush. I'm in California.


Forgot to add....we also had one come up 'volunteer' in our yard this summer.


Hi, Iʻm new here, and I absolutely love your blog. Weighing in on the plant- to me it looks like some kind of Polygonum, common name "Ladyʻs thumb." Hereʻs an image that resembles yours, only in pink:



Ah! Actually I don't think it's the one. The leaves are darker and not as glossy on mine. The mystery prevails!


Here it is in white:


These are also called "smartweed," and there are tons of varieties all over the world. I think they are in the same family as buckwheat.


I was going to say the same plant family...common name is Lady's Thumb and it makes a good herbal remedy for women. It is a weed, however.


That's what I was hoping but I think I've figured out it's not... Thank you though!


Yes, I too believe it's Lady's Thumb, also known as smartweed, or smartarse even. I have some growing in my yard in Minnesota, and was taught about this plant/weed in my herbal medicine training.


Yes, that seems to be the one! Thank you so much!


Benita, I don´t remember your floor plan, but is it necessary to have all the magazines just in the room they were/ are?
I too have an enormous collection of i.d. magazines, but I carried them upstairs, found an empty space on the corridor leading to the upstairs rooms, arranged shelves in the empty spot and there they have been the last 15 years.
The space is quite filled up, but I am merciless, and get rid of some of the older ones, when the time comes.
I´m not a collecter, I´m a declutterer.


I haven't 100% decided they're staying in the living room but they probably will. I doubt Wille wants them on his floor (and there's no room for them there anyway) and I do read them all the time and want them quite easily accessible. They might end up behind closed doors though.


Ja, meine Mutti kommt aus Deutschland. Ich spreche aber sehr sehr selten Deutsch. Meine Mutti und ich sprechen mit einender seit vielen Jahre Schwedish.


Benita, I remember you mentioned a while ago where you got those white boxes from that are in your former bedroom nook, the ones featured in yesterday's photo (19 Aug)? I also saw them (or similar ones) in an IKEA advert recently but could not find them at IKEA online for the life of me... nor anywhere else, for that matter. Any hint would be welcome! :-)


They used to be my parents' from back in the 70's. There are some on page 196 in the Swedish IKEA catalog, part of the Bestå series: http://onlinecatalogue.ikea.com/SE/sv/IKEA_Catalogue/ Hope that helps!


Har du provat att spraymåla någon radiator? Jag har en burk med radiatorfärg i sprayversion men har inte kommit mig för att testa än... Känns ju nnars som det mest ultimata att spraymåla så man slipper allt pill i alla vinklar vrår och knixar!

Account Deleted

LIZ :) you just solve a huge problem i had( in the past) with this picture "Enkelt sätt att binda ihop en pappersbunt!" I'm in heaven, Thank you!!!

Account Deleted

Lol, it's so perfect and i've never seen it before ( the paperclip and the rubber) Thanks.


Yes och jag har också sån färg hemma hem min erfarenhet av sprayfärg är att det lägger sig som ett lager utanför oavsett hur mycket man tejpar för. Jag borde förstås målat elementen INNAN jag la golv, målade väggar etc, etc. Suck.

Debbie from Chicago

My local library did not want them. I did save all of the recipe cards for my newly married daughter. I sorted them into categories and punched a whole in the corners, then threaded them onto hinged metal jump rings. She loved them!


What about a radiator cover?


I have considered it but in this case, the den upstairs, I prefer to paint them.


Vitlysing är det svenska namnet!/Ewa


Thank-you! Would you be able to tell me what size your poster is please? It would make it easier to judge how they look on a wall.I appreciate it.


It's 41"x38".


Thanks Benita!! Unfortunately, they are not (yet) available in Germany, but I'll have a look in the new catalogue as soon as it comes out. If they don't appear there, I might try and look for something similar (like a wooden box) in a DIY store and paint away...


Ahhh you could have given them to the local library! Even if they alredy had the whole collection maybe they could have sold them.


well boo to that!

Chicago librarian


I got a three piece set of those boxes at Mömaxx in Augsburg this past year!

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