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August 27, 2012


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Bonus is such a dapper fellow! His white tipped paws look like he's just had a manicure :)


Would be nice to get a view of the messy home for a change :)


can't wait to see your hobby room and the printing done by u! i need inspiration for a hobby corner.

Mary Ann

I am looking forward to all the changes. You'll have some great pictures. Mary Ann


Yay for the skylights! That book looks really tempting, I almost want to buy one too, but maybe I'll check the library first.


Love the pic where your kitty sits in the window! :-)


Good Morning!

You take such beautiful, beautiful pictures, Benita! Even when you photograph in-between projects mess, dirty garden work, trash in the bathroom, dishwashing, unmade beds and so on, it´s still AAAALWAYS eye candy. I too am looking forward to see your try at printing. Exciting!

Is your hobby room the one in the basement where you´ve installed your old kitchen cabinet doors?


Do you have the same contractors back each time?: if so they must be amazed at the progress you've made on the house! x


The dust doesn't photograph well... :)


Yes it is!


These guys are the same who built the deck but not the same who installed the bathroom and kitchen. I doubt they notice the changes though, they're guy's guys after all :).

judith b

When I see the cushions stacked on the little stool, I have a sneaky feeling you may have gotten rid of your "Carl Larsson" couch beneath the window...I really loved how you brought it up to "now". But, if that is the case, I'm sure we'll love the new option too. You do keep us on our toes!

Thank you once again for your sharing your limitless creativity every day!


Bonus doesn't like male competition in the house :-). I like Bonus' shadow on the first photo.


I love decks better when they are grey, too =) Your living room colors are really cute! xo Anja


I lovelovelove those prints and green together! And that sweet little green back door :) I hope the mess quiets down soon


Oh I love any excuse not to clean!


Those green/white fabrics are lovely. I like how the deck is greying too.

Bonus has his mildly-annoyed-kitty look going on there. My dog doesn't like strangers in the house, either. Unless they are made of ham...then maybe. :)


The place is really starting to come along. How do you manage to keep the motivation to continuously work on getting things done at home??


I can't wait to see all the changes! Wille looks so funny "headless" in that skylight. It will be so incredible to see a full before-and-after of the whole house once you're done. You've already improved so much!


Really enjoy your blog. I find it motivating to continue to work on my own home. You like maps - you need to visit http://market.poppytalkhandmade.com/author/saltlabs/.


I might have...


I felt lost all weekend with "nothing to do" when I couldn't clean like I'm used to, lol!


Because to me it's fun and I love the end results :). And once it's all done I can start over and change things up to suit my moods.


Oh, lovely!


I love, love, LOVE that elephant print!

Debbie from Chicago

Love the picture of Wille standing in the skylight wearing the California
T-shirt. Last November we took a trip driving up the coast in California. It was a fantastic trip.

I love all the changes you are implementing in your home.


I love the colour of your deck. Did you stain it in a particular color/way that it would have the best chance to fade well or is that just thanks to the natural elements? I am loving that colour, or the lime washed colour (?) on hard wood floors now too!


It's larch wood and greys naturally so I haven't treated it in any way.


this might be a silly question but in the 1st pic, it looks to me like there is a round cut out in your deck. what is that for? i see dirt....

and i love the natural greying!!!

judith b



It's not a cut out, it's a coconut husk door mat :)


I love everything you do! You have a definite talent. I do have to confess that I LOVED the dotted wallpaper. But, I have a thing for polka dots.

Keep posting - I'll try to be better about commenting, but I check everyday.

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