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August 08, 2012


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I love that solution! Did you see that somewhere, or did you think of it yourself? It's brilliant.


I saw scallopped edges somewhere on something completely different and was inspired by that :)


Such a great idea and great solution! Nice thinking and Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day


That is such a fantastic idea... now I need to find a way to use privacy film in my own house... or at least a way to incorporate a scalloped edge! Can't wait to see more of the bedroom - your home projects are such an inspiration to me.


Perfect x

Victoria - Elvira Spekulerar

Så snyggt och fiffigt, jag gillar verkligen dina lösningar på allt och ditt sovrum i källaren är jättefint också.


That is interesting. I have never seen privacy film before. But, it would help in my own downstairs bedroom. Does it still let the light in?


That is so pretty and a great solution. It occurred to me that if it wasn't quite enough, you could layer 2 or more scallop-edged pieces of the film that would give a slightly shaded effect and thicker privacy protection (like scales).

May - amycapdet

Very cool!


That's a very cool idea!


It does!

Rocio Pérez

What a nice solution!! Congratulations for your blog, I really like it. I've also moved house and I really appreciate all your experiences about how to adapt a home.


Covering the window is a good idea. The scallop is pretty.

Personally, I'd want the entire window covered just in case someone did crouch outside and peep in. That's never happened to me (that I know of) but it's happened to a few of our neighbors.


This was a really good idea, great solution, practical and beautiful.


i still think sleeping in the basement is a bit strange :-) but with these lovely scallops you´ve found a great solution for your windows!!


Eeek! Luckily that person wouldn't see any of the bed with me in it but only the wall facing it so I think I'm OK :).


What a great idea! Reminds me of your entryway rug with the rounded corner - a simple customization that adds character.


Lovely finish, just makes it a little different.


Do you have a previous post on how to make that shelf? I like that a lot and can't wait to see the rest of the room.


Such a simple, pretty solution! I love the way this makes the window look a little softer and sweeter. I'm always drawn to straight, geometric lines. It's a problem because my things start to look too harsh and severe. I'm definitely going to save this idea!


I bought this one but I made the one we have in the den. Check it out here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/01/building-a-picture-ledge.html


Hi Benita!

I thought you might love this site...


and this video!!!



And I think it's a pity, that you don't have there curtains any more. I love the look of the film, but long curtains in two sides of the bed would give the basement more soft character of a badroom and would make it look higher (it's less than 2,5m, isn't it?)


bEdroom, of course!


Fantastic solution. It looks really lovely!


sweet solution. anyway, let them look ;)



I love privacy film, it is inexpensive, let's the light in and is unobtrusive, and this is a fantastic idea with the pretty scalloped edge! I love it!!!!!


If you check the post after this one you will see that I already have long curtains along a whole wall.


I know of Catalog Living :).
Off to check out the You Tube link now!




Oh, never mind! I just noticed in the next entry that the windows are waaaaay over your bed. My brain faded when I saw this (yesterday) and I was thinking that these windows were lower/closer to your bed.

Sorry. Derp.

Seeing it again I think if anyone was coming close to look they'd just be admiring the scallop. :)


We want to see pics of you and Wille doing the dance walk from your next trip to NYC. All the kool kids r doin' it!


We have to then, don't we?!

Bernadette @ B3HD

Love the scalloped edge you did. Totally cute and simple detail.


You will have to spend some time before your next trip, getting your "moves like Jagger" down, just in case...


I love this guy! LOL!


Much better then the linen curtains! I guess yopu also get more daylight now.

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