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August 21, 2012


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I had no idea kits were sold to make oneself a tiered cake stand. I actually like the different top handles. Especially the handle with the green and white plates. I use an old heavy ceramic candy bowl with pedestal for my catch all, it never gets scratched by keys and coins.


Love the plates you used, especially the white and green. Fabulous, per usual!!


Det här vill jag göra! Beställt och klart!


I also like the green plates a lot. Looks sweet.


I really didn't know you could buy the kits. Fantastic! I think these would look super cute with modern melamine plates from Target too.


So sweet! And the plate didn't break?!


Love it! Both of them, such a great idea!!!


So lovely! I love the cakestands but also the smaller one and why buy them on Etsy, it's so much fun to make them!


Love it! Look what I've found this morning on pinterest:

You can also do a bird feeder with it!


These turned out really well, congrats!

I bought a large Babell from Koziol and use that for my jewelry storage. http://tinyurl.com/c3y8935 I've been meaning to buy another to organize small craft supplies. Some things are just small enough to need organizing, yet too pretty to put in a plastic box w/dividers! =)


Har du fat? Annars kan vi kanske fynda på Läkarissionen?! Jag kan utmana dig. Du MÅSTE göra ett kakfat av det du hittar där. Haha! Förresten fyndade jag ett blått rakt glas till August där i helgen!


I know, that's co cute! But I can't feed the birds or I will end up feeding Mini and Bonus simultaneously...

Iga  (Poland)

Benita, great idea! I really like these plates! lovely ! :)

emilie aka la marmotte

what a great idea ! i like them to, but it's better to choose the plate :-)




Thanks for posting this and with the link. I was looking for these kits last week in the shops but couldn´t find any because I want to make one for my daughter to have as a jewellery stand. They are so great for many purposes and I want to make one that she can hang her earrings off the plate edges dangeling and then on the plates she can store her bracelets.


Vilken bra idé! Ser bra ut med de tallrikar du valt, speciellt Bersån.
hälsn. www.neovias.blogspot.com


Love this! And you made it look so easy! Thanks for including the link to your kit source - we'll see if I manage to understand enough Swedish to order from there ;-) xo Anja


These are sooooo cute! Does anyone have a link for a U.S. source for the kits? I can't find one.

Debbie from Chicago

Love this! I have a box of mix matched China plates. This would be a great use for them.


ACCHH!!!! I love this so much...I might have to do this as gifts! love love love love love!!!


For those in the USA, this etsy seller has them:



These are both really cute and practical. I had no idea that cake stands were all the rage now. My mom will be pleased as she has a ton of them. :)


That's great! Thanks, Andrea!


Andrea just found an Etsy store that carries similar ones. Look further down in the comments!


Here's another source for the kit. They also have the T and circle ones I bought. http://www.etsy.com/shop/TeaTimesCreations?page=2


That's great! Always wanted a cake stand, but usually don't like what's available in stores.
Thanks for the Etsy-Links as well!

PS: Never commented before, although I'm a longtime and daily reader of your fab blog! Over these last two years I've learned so much from you (design-wise) and I always enjoy your gorgeous and inspirational DIY-projects. Your taste in design is simply impeccable and 100% Benita. ;-) Chapeau and thank you!

Lisa Flaherty

Thank you for the links to the hardware! I have been admiring DIY cake stands for a while, where they use old candlesticks in between the plates. I always felt they took up too much real estate on the plates, so these slender pieces are just what I need!


Love these. Definitely going to try them.


These are really great ... on the hunt for pretty plates now! Bee :)


Hade ingen aning om att man kunde köpa såna här kits!
Och vilka fantastiskt bra tips på hur man kan använda dem, förutom till kakor! jag tycker själv att såna här kakfat är superfina, men serverar sällan kakor och har då inte köpt nåt. Men nu kan jag ju det! :)


Benita, you are just great. This is a craft I will totally try. This may seem strange, but my husband knows you by first name. I always say 'Guess what Benita did!' and show him your fabulous blog posts, whether or not he wants to see them. :) Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us!


Ooo, what an amazing idea! I have plenty of plates in the house that I can use for such project. Can you tell me Benita, is the drill attachment that you used especially to cut glass/dishware or not?
Btw I am a long reader and admirer of your space, even before you had Mini and Bonus:)


The drill bit of one for tile. It looks like an arrow almost and you should be able to buy it at the hardware store.


Haha, your poor husband :)


those look real neat plus they won't break like ceramic plates. but won't yr necklaces tangle the way you place them?


If only I owned a drill!

I have some cuuuute little plates I love and no real use for them.


PS. Have you seen the one where you glue little plates to the tops of old candlesticks, and spray paint the whole thing? That is cute too.


Thank you Benita :)

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