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August 24, 2012


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Those are great! What a good source of cool stuff you have there in the basement :)


Cool indeed - I love your findings! :-)


I have one of those, would like some more. They look really great!


Uau! So you work in the same building as Saga Noren, from Bron/Broen?! I love this serie! And, of course, I love your work (here. and there) ;)


Don't know who Saga is but there are different precincts and I work in Solna.


Yes! very cool! I have never seen ones in metal. Only ugly plastic.


Oh I`m so jealous! Those would look great as labels on some of my bins and containers!!!!


Ha! You should keep the labels, and just reassign the names to your home! ;)

Fröken Prickig

Great find!


Definitely save the original labels. Treasures like "Examination room for mopeds" need to be preserved for posterity. Swedish crime writing is world famous. Perhaps some of the authors would want to use the labels for giving authentic vibe to police procedural novels ;-).
Trevlig helg!

Ett stenkast från Fyndet


Är själv på jakt efter unisona nyckelringar, men har hittills inte hittat något som är ett dugg passande. Ditt metallfynd var verkligen något!!

Lisa Flaherty

Yes! And if Wille brings over an undesirable "friend" Benita can casually say, "Wille, could you please fetch me the key to Weapons Cabinet 201?" Hahahahaha!

Lisa Flaherty

What a score!! Unbelievable the things that get thrown out!




Great find! My mother has a basement in her house where I have found lots of great stuff. These key rings are so great! Lucky you! Happy weekend!


You are the most productive dumpster diver I know.


These are great! I am still chuckling over the examination room for mopeds. ha ha ha

paula c

where the .... do you work? in wonderland? you are a lucky lady! i still remember that yellow bottle holder you found... so jeaulous...


or...the keys to cell 4!


Your dumpster diving sure paid off! I love these! I have always wanted to go dumpster diving, but was afraid I would get caught. Can you get in trouble for dumpster diving? I have heard that people have pulled out some really great photo frames from the dumpsters behind craft stores - wish I could get a bunch of them to restore! I can't wait to see what you do with these! Did you know that I look forward every night for your posts to come into my inbox? I don't feel complete until I receive your email! Thanks for sharing! (Val)


Oh, Benita (and Wille), you´re not familiar with Saga Norén?! Then you´re in for a treat.
'Cause you both enjoy the "having-cosy-breakfasts-watching-dvd-boxes"-thing you should definately check out Bron/Broen. It´s a killer! ;)
And yes, you have to leave the old labels behind the new ones, they are dead cool (yes, ones again referring to Bron/Broen).




Ah, so it's a character in a movie? I thought it was a person with a webshop , haha! Will check it out but Wille has yet to see any Swedish movie and Swedish acting sucks...


Oh, I think he should definately give this one a try. I myself is quit picky with such things and found Bron/Broen to be high quality. It´s a danish/swedish production and it´s first scene takes place in the middle of Öresundsbron thus Bron/Broen. Even though I mentioned having breakfast in my previous comment this series is more suited for an evening watch as to get the right chills.

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