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August 31, 2012


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Lovely, Benita! I'm in love with the site now too :)
It reminds me of my favourite local webshop;
Very similar aesthetic.


Leather fly swatters? That's the first I've seen one. But the Market + Fruit Picking Pack would be perfect for shopping at a Farmer's Market or a Picnic. The shop is a great find.


Oh I love the dustpan and broom too. Damn they don't have one with a long handle.


Nice! I think you'd like Manufactum as well (http://www.manufactum.com/)


I hope they heard you!

the spectator

Mmm. Leather fly swat. Said with one eyebrow raised! :)


Funny, I was going to post the same suggestion.


Jag är också helt förälskad i Kaufmann Mercantile! Varenda pryl är vald med stor omsorg. Det är de små detaljerna som gör det! Påminner lite om affären Labour & Waith i London. (http://www.labourandwait.co.uk/)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon,_Lime_and_Bitters :) very refreshing!!


I think we're all in live with the leather fly swat. Good find! x


*love* not live!


Yes, I wonder if it comes in any other colors - perhaps 50 shades of grey ???!!!!


I was about to recommend this shop! I love it.


I see you are on a little crusade against flies ;-).
I like these items too. Happy weekend!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Lovely items but not as inspiring a site in my mind and I do love when the whole "kit" just sucks you in :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Ah! It was on the top of my to-visit-list when I went to London last time and when I got there it was closed...

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Yeah, I need the heavy artillery for next year :)

Nicole B

Oooh! That bag... I love Duluth Pack bags! You should check out their website which probably has more colors (& not sold out!)... duluthpack.com

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Will do!

Lisa Flaherty

Haha! Good one!


Haha! Jag köpte en handgjord flugsmälla i läder i present till en kompis på Östergötlands hemslöjd någon gång på 90-talet. Bara för att det var en så cool grej!




a ha ha!


Ok ima try out my Swedish on ya.


Trevlig Helg!

(did I pronounce it wrong????)


I love it! Benita, if you want to order something; maybe we (and possibly others in Stockholm) could order together? (because the shipping is quite expensive to Sweden...)

Ginger G

... so glad to see someone else "hooked" - would like one of everything, please!

the spectator

Cath, I was thinking the same thing!


Hi, I think that website is lovely. I have a wishlist tumblr that is just my personal observation on things that I love, either own or want. You can find it here: http://tangelic.tumblr.com/

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Trevlig Helg! :)


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

The bag I'm primarily after is out of stock but I'll get in touch if I do order it from KM! I got a link straight to the source further up so I might get it from there instead.

Limestonebythesea - Victoria



i'm quite fond of their blog, too. they remind me a bit of a favourite when i lived in england, manufaktum.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife

Oh, love all of this too. Except maybe the fly-swatter. I guess I have a dirty mind...


I like Muji for a similar reason (utilitarian). i think there's a similar dustpan to this one at Muji too. http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?V=1&Sec=6&Sub=25

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