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August 28, 2012


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Jules Means

Holy cr*p!!! Excellent score! Nice going.


Nice shopping! When I saw the kid chair I totally thought, "What's the kid chair for? I bet with an added smooshy poof thing it would make an excellent cat nap place." Have you thought of turning it over to Mini and Bonus?


They already have a zillon places and also if you prepare a place for them they won't use it. They only take over places that weren't intended for them :).


Great addition to your place- I love the new bench in your bedroom and the stools are just beautyfull. Wille and you will use them forever!
Give birch a change- for me it blends nicely into your white/grey bedroom. Oh, and can we see Mr Handsome Bonus posing on the black stool? Please?


I love all your new finds. Very jealous mind you, but love them!


Wow, congratulations, Benita! What a bargain indeed! I´ve always loved the three legged stools and the one with the white laminate top is my favorite. The white adds a freshness to it and therefore I think your idea with putting white 'socks' to the bench will be great if only you find a smart way to do it without including color (and you probably will ;D) I look forward to see what happens. And I totally agree that birch gives warmth to the room and makes it feel even less like a basement. It was already very roomy but now... :)

One question. What is that beautiful painting hanging over the bench? I instantly loved it!


It's a piece of Marimekko fabric stretched over a frame. For some reason I can't access the Marimekko site right now or I would link to it. It's white print on white quite sheer fabric so I lined it with plain white cotton first. What I should have done is to stretch it over a ready made white artist canvas. Would have saved me time and fabric...


As a Finn I have gotten a bit of an overdose from these but I do love that Y-leg stool. It is not that common here (I think).
That dip thing you described there sounds exciting. The bench does also come in white, so I don't think it would be too horrible if you did paint the whole thing.


Hjärtat klappar extra för alla dessa fina saker. Vilka fynd. Jag har även den röda barnstolen : ) får du för dig att göra dig av med den så finns det köpare : )

Bänken är helt fantastisk!

Ha en bra vecka.


Little chair ready for the grandchildren ha ha ha!!

Interior Design

I never really thought about online auctions before as I always thought you had to go to them in person to find bargains, thanks for the information. Love the stools too.

damer mogna

As you're from Finland, you might've heard of Jaani? A sad story about a boy who falls into drug abuse. I almost cried when I saw this documentary about this finnish boy.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Q6MQmcAhc

Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysukr4q_DkA (in finnish)

Wish you the best!!!


Great bargains. Auctions and flea markets are the best. Have a nice week.


A great find and the thrill of the auction included :-).


Awesome auction finds! I think all your new goodies look great in your home. I liked when IKEA sold the Aalto stool knock-offs, but they've stopped selling them at stores in the states for some reason. Didn't know you were born in Finland! Very cool little town, too.


Congrats. My mom has a set of four of those--her mother bought them when they first came out. I remember them in every house we lived in when I was growing up--we always pulled them out for extra seating during the holidays!


Love your new finds...and all things Finnish, too. I visited Finland as a student and was utterly smitten: beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful buildings... x

Petra from NL

Curious to see what you will do with the kids chair. I can picture it in the hallway as a landing strip for your shopping bag or so....

Michelle of Montreal

Yay Aalto! But please, don't paint the birch!

Lisa Flaherty

Another great score! Can't wait to see what becomes of the bench. "Not paint" is so intriguing!


Nice score! I've actually been to Kokkola! I was 13 at the time and we were traveling from Helsinki all the way up North to Norway. I loved that trip.


Ha ha ha! Just leave a newspaper or a favourite sweater on the chair and the kitties will be there the moment you turn your back!


Wow! I was going to say I've never been there but obviously since I was born there I have, but never ever since.


That, I promise you, I won't.


I don't think I'll actually use it. It will probably go into storage or just stand in a corner looking cute :).


No pressure, Wille :)


I looove alvar alto design!!! Lucky You! My favourite is the alto vase!! You have a white alto vase, right?


I do. I used to have a large clear one but chipped a bottom corner so I got my mom's vintage white one.

Account Deleted

Everything is so lovely, you have an amazing taste for beautiful things, but the little red chair absolutely belong to Mini and Bonus!

Paula R

I know what you mean by getting a yearning for all things Finnish. I live in Canada, but my parents were born in Kortesjarvi by Vaasa, and I went when I was 6. Lately I've been thinking about all things Finnish as well. Great that you can have a 2 for one. Useful things that are Finnish!

the spectator

Buying at auctions - online and 'real', can be so rewarding/fun/exasperating. You had a great score.

I was watching an interiors show on TV very recently. The design team were doing a bathroom makeover. What wallpaper did they use? Yours. The one down the stairwell. Except the circles in this bathroom were your favorite color - green. And it looked fab.


Hi there! Your stool with a white laminate top is beside something square on wheels..what is that? I love covering things that aren't so easy on the eye to fit in the home better!


It's one of four ottomans we built from scratch. It's one of Mini's favorites spots there on the grey crumpled up fleece blanket :)


I've never commented before, but I've been a loyal reader for a really long time. I love the way you write, I'm in awe of your diy/renovating skills and wait anxiously for you're next post. Thank you Benita for a lovely and inspiring blog!

Of all the places in the world, Kokkola!! I was born there too. I lived there 19 years, but now I live in Helsinki. You should definetly visit Kokkola, it's a pretty little town. With great fleamarkets :)


"They already have a zillon places and also if you prepare a place for them they won't use it. They only take over places that weren't intended for them :)."

So true. LOL

Perfect catch! I LOVE everything and I also do love everything finnish. Great deal Benita. If you ever want to sell anything please let me know;-))


You were also born there?! Wow! I've kind of almost imagined it to be a smallish village but have recently realized that it's in fact a town :). Wille's really into the genealogy thing right now and is curious about my adopted past and his unknown family on my side so who knows, maybe we'll end up going there one day!


Hope I didn't spoil anything for you! You having a picture of an village and all :)

I really hope you do make that trip some day. If you decide to do it, maybe I can give you some tips on where to go and what to see.

ps. Det fina med Kokkola (Karleby) är att det är tvåspråkigt. Jag är själv finlandssvensk och gick i en svenkspråkig skola. Med kanske du visste det redan.


Det visste jag faktiskt men den byn (haha, lilla stad?) som min biologiska släkt kommer från, Alavieska,är tydligen helfinsk vad jag försår. Min adoptivpappa var just också Finlandssvensk men från Helsingfors :).


Du kunde knappast veta att jag var finlandssvensk, men du kanske visste att Karleby var en tvåspråkig stad ;) Ursäkta, usel grammatik.


Det har du rätt i, att Alavieska är helfinsk.

Haha. Jag skulle nog kalla Alavieska för by med 2767 invånare, i jämförelse är ju Karleby nästan en storstad med sina 46638 invånare ;)


ah, those are great. i'm half-finnish, and related to half the country, or so it seemed when i was nine! i have knock-offs of those beauties.


Hi again, not to bother you but do you have a post on your ottomas-from-scratch? If not, could you give me a brief tale of how you did them? Built a cube, put foam patting on top, added wheels and a slipcover? I am looking for a mobile ottoman so this might be just the thing!


I didn't think so but then I looked and back in 2008 I actually did write a post about them! http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/09/cube-stool-how-to.html


Late commenting but just wanted to let you know that SHOULD you decide to sell the children's chair, I would be happy to take it for our little Ursula :)

Love the bench - didn't know of this one before. So much for the Finnish-ness in me (even if I did know of Kokkola due to a work project 7 years ago :D)


keep the little red one - it'll be adorable at christmas time ♥ maybe for a little tree? lantern? something cute...
my parents have several aalto stools... either they got them while in finland (they were both born there) or then from their finnish store in calgary, alberta back in the day... they're all in rough shape now, paint splatters and all... i think they're in real need of some sprucing up!
they also have a couple of those benches, but i think theirs are a shorter version (my 'muori' used to place them next to each other to create a large coffee table...) do you actually use yours as a bench? (meaning to sit on)

and your marimekko fabric is 'pippurikerä'


I don't sit on the bench, I use it as a side table right now but my first intention was to use it in the entry hall. It may still end up there one day :).

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