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August 22, 2012


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I loooove muji bins! Just a quick question I`ve been meaning to ask you for quite some time now; What happened to the organization menu that you had with the list over organizing the cupboards etc? It was mainly pictures from your old house. I love to read your blog and follow everything you do in your new home, but since we live in an apartment from the 1960`s, I tend to go back to your old house for inspiration on how to make our retro cupboards etc look pretty. I struggle a bit finding those old blog posts now that you removed that menu. It would be great if you made a menu with list that included all you have ever posted in categories. For example: organization, gardening, redesign etc. The categories on the right side here only lead us to each blog post, and we have to scroll down.


I unpublished it because I hadn't updated it for ages. To be honest I don't think a lot of readers used it, I've only received one other request for it since I removed the link, and it took a lot of time to update to the point where I didn't. I have a search button and a search bar so if you type in what you're looking for for example "organizing kitchen" all posts with that content will be listed. I will go check out the Typepad support page to see if there's a way if listing each post automatically under each category on a page as you describe though.

Lorna from Atlanta

Is the sink from ikea? It looks perfect for a bathroom I am renovating. If not, what is the brand? Those drawers are perfect !!


The sink is Bianca by Svedbergs. http://www.svedbergs.com/ I'm afraid I can't see any US retailers on their list though.


I looove these kind of posts!
They inspire me to the point where I can hardly finish reading before taking action. Ha ha! But it´s true. In between scrolling through todays post I´ve rearranged my medicin boxes, candle cupboard and utensil drawer. Not bad, huh?

Two questions: 1. Do you have any idea if Muji stuff is more expensive here than in the US?
2. Do you find it hard to come up with subjects to write about or is it the other way around?

I wish you a really good wednesday, Benita.


I love those muji pp bins, but I always love them more when I see what you do with them :)


Ps. Is it correct that you´ve pulled off the label on the Vim(?) bottle? In that case I sigh in relief that I´m not the only one being anal about such things. ;D That bottle is so good looking without which is NOT the case with most cleaning products.

Ps.#2 If I´ve seen it wrong, well then I´m a tiny little bit embarrassed.


pretty organized :o)


1. I don't know I'm afraid.
2. It's more the other way around. There's quite a lot happening in and around the house that you don't see because I don't have time to take the photos, edit them, write the posts etc.


Haha, yes, I'm a label remover. I used to be more so when more was out in the open but I still do it on those really ugly ones :).

Fröken Prickig

Nice! Oh Queen of organization:) Truly inspiring!


I just organized by throom drawers, too. Bought beautiful bamboo organizers and finally my makeup isn't rolling around in a grimy drawer anymore!
What is that gorgeous drying rack you have next to the kitchen sink, though? It's a drying rack, right, the one that looks like grass? I use a wood plate display little thing, and untreated wood and water don't get along well, I should upgrade. Who is that grass square by?


It's Grass by Boon http://www.amazon.com/Boon-Winter-Grass-Countertop-Drying/dp/B0032G9E0G. Since I got mine there's a lager version called Lawn available too:)http://www.amazon.com/Boon-Countertop-Drying-Spring-Green/dp/B004OR1DTC/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1345632868&sr=1-1&keywords=lawn


* larger


Oh please oh please come visit me and be my anti-clutter muse! I couldn't believe when you opened that drawer ( the before photo) I was thinking how tidy and perfect everything looked, and then you got it so much better in the after photo! I am so beyond unorganized I don't think even you living in my house would help. Sigh. I will just continue to drool over your photos, and take inspiration from your posts as I can...you are amazing! :)

Debbie from Chicago

Oh man, I love that drawer system that you sink cabinet has. Clever, very clever.


I agree Debbie! This drawer system is most common for Kitchen and Tallboy drawers. I've never seen it used in bathroom cabinets/drawers. I'm quite jealous now.

I'm now inspired to purge my bathroom clutter then I can organise the remainder. I don't know half the things in there anymore.

Jules Means

The drawer is nice but the star of today's post is THE SINK!!! This is what I so admire about Scandinavian design..in America the idea of hip and innovative design is the truly absurd and impractical vessel sink: a giant BOWL on top of one's cabinet for heaven's sake....Jules in Massachusetts


Haha, yes I loooove my sink too :)


Boy, could I use that sink and those drawers in my small bathroom. They would be so perfect. And I agree with Jules, those vessel sinks that are so popular now are the stupidest things I've ever seen. Who would ever want something so impractical?


I wouldn't be the kind of person to ask for it but I LOOOOVED that. Sometimes I am not looking for anything specific. I just want to browsr, and I LOVE that particular topic. I also really enjoy looking at the pics from your old house.

Of course if it is too much trouble for you, that's ok. I just really liked it too.

PS. Here is a craft idea for you Benita. I look forward to seeing you make one!



Now I´m a bit more relieved! ;)


Oh no, knowing that there´s a lot that we don´t get to see is like waiting for a christmas that exist somewhere out there but will never come to us. Horror! :)


Love the grass drying rack - especially in your kitchen!

The link for the smaller size didn't work but this one does

and I see it comes in white too - great design.


love those drawers :D really practical and great-looking! My sink cab is the 2-door kind and i can't utilise the top space like u can. but since it's a new cab i won't make any major changes yet. but i do use the same containers u use! heart them!


Ooh, in white!


Haha, I saw that on Pinterest but with a doggie inside:). My cats would never kiss anyone though, they'd jump right out...


Put a cooked shrimp in your mouth with it sticking out and then bend over. That will work LOL




I noticed you are using the Cleanstart products. Do you plan to write about them in the future ? I would be interested to get your feedback.


It's Wille who uses it. He likes it!

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