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August 10, 2012


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Diana from San Francisco

Benita, could you use a matte sealant on the rug so the paint won't wear off?


I thought the clear spray would do that but I will look for something like that!


It looks really good, you will just have to walk round it!


What a lovely post over on young house love! Well done you. I know you toyed with the idea a while ago, but i do wish so you'd write a book. I would just love to tuck you in next to Martha on my bookshelf!!


Haha, great solution to the problem :).


Aww, you're so sweet but there's just no time for it. Maybe when I retire in 15 years or so I'll make it a project. "My DIY past" or something like that. Haha. Meanwhile I'm happy to appear in other people's books :).


Yeah, something about the original beige I don't like, either. It looks great now. I'd never know by looking at it that you'd painted it.


the grey looks great. now I will be on the lookout for rugs at thrift stores!


I came from YHL too. I added you to my google reader. I love your style. I wish I could see all your archives and categories though. I spent some time going back as far as I could yesterday. :)


Hi! I'm one of the readers from Young House Love, and glad Sherry mentioned your blog! I love it. I'll be a regular here too! You have beautiful, simple style.


As coincidence has it, you were also mentioned on Jules' blog, Pancakes and French Fries, yesterday. http://pancakesandfrenchfries.com/2012/08/doing-somethin/

Have a great weekend!

Kasey M.

Another YHL reader here. I added you to my google reader yesterday, I just love your home! I'm making a big move into an apartment soon so I've been going through as many posts as possible looking for ideas & inspiration!


Welcome! There are Archive links and a Categories cloud in the sidebar but you can also follow this link: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/archives.html


Ooh, thanks for letting me know!


Hi Benita! I heard about you on YHL and I love your blog! I added you to my reader right away. And I love that you are in Sweden as that is my heritage...I hope to visit my grandfather's birthplace someday. :)

Lisa Flaherty

Looks great! Though I can see why you picked up the rug in the first place--my first thought was that you painted in those chevron patterns! The gray looks very nice!

Melanie (WA State, USA)

Me too to all of the above! You have a great blog, Benita. I look forward to more! :)


Looks great Benita, how lovely of Sherry to mention you I love the nickname too, I definatley need to 'get my BL on' on a few of my messy storage area's :-)


Oh, yes. I've been a fan of yours, Benita, since you were on Flickr! I've been reading your blog since the first post...though I have no idea why I haven't commented until now!



Thank you so much for today's mention, Jules! :)


Hi Benita,

I'm one of the new readers who followed Sherry's link from yesterday. And I basically spent all of last night reading your old posts. Up (or back) to early 2010. I love your design and decorating aesthetic and how *thoughtful* you are of the spaces around you.

I'm about to move to a new apartment in Brooklyn, and your fresh and minimal interior has definitely inspired me to make my new place a less cluttered one. Thank you for the inspiration!


I also followed YHL's link. You have truly inspired me. Tack!

Annelise in Edmonds, WA

Ditto on the following from YHL! I am excited to follow your blog now as well, as I have always loved the Scandinavian style! I lived 3 years in Denmark and love creating that "hyggelig" atmosphere in my own home!

Lee Ann

Ditto again to the previous comments about finding you via YHL. Since yesterday I've been read your blog...your style is so clean and fresh - love it!

Lee Ann from Waukesha, WI


I love it. I've resigned myself to painting a rug if I'm to ever get exactly what I want.


I'm so excited to see so many new readers :). Welcome!


I've been following for a while...I think I started when I saw that you were following one or two of my boards on Pinterest :) I was excited to see the shout out for you on YHL the other day! Love your blog. Love the rug idea too. Need to use it to take care of an ugly rug situation by our back door.

Elisabeth@Simply Parkers


A really good idea, and looks much better! We have large flat woolen Ikea carpet that used to be white, but is now yellowish and full of stains that don't come out after washing. I've been thinking of painting it, but don't have a clue which kind of paint to use.
Have you tried to paint this kind of material and what would you maybe recommend - or nor recommend?


Why don't you try painting with the colours from many heart strings based on www.web_based_colourings, so eazzy for you to find them, just pick one colour and try sticking with it with a primer, the product is called basic loyalty base. Better ask your big sister like I've read on the whiteboard the other day.


Ah, that sounds like the rug I tried painting last time. Check out that post and the commenmts to it which might be helpful. http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/11/painted-rug-not.html


Sorry, misread that it was wool. Never tried wool, sounds tricky... anyone else have an idea?


I already read the blog for about three years and was following the renovations in the house Chez Larsson and after this, and it's funny to see the renovations that will Benita doing, I visit the blog every day butrarely comment. A kiss from Portugal for you, Will, Mini and Bonus

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