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September 24, 2012


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hi benita ! i like your 365 posts more and more - and i think your pictures are getting better and better (not that they ever were bad before, you know what i mean)
have a good week !


Oh, I still love that apple! The grain is so rich and it contrasts so beautifully with the white background.

Mini and Bonus are as gorgeous as always, and now I'm in the mood for korvstroganoff :)


Thank you! I hope I improve little by little. I do cringe at my early posts where the images are so dark and dingy.


Hmm I saw wooden apples at a fair yesterday. I didn't buy any but wish I had.


Sep. 20th - is this the GQ cover? Monsieur Bonus looking so handsome and distinguished with one grey eyebrow :-).
Bones in a jar - very anthropological.


That's his antennae!


Oh, me too. Too bad Wille's not so keen...


You've said it before, but I've forgotten, why do you dye your eyelashes? Is it cheaper than mascara in the long term? I'm just curious! They look great :)


Hey I was going to say that about the apple as well...and about Mini and Bonus. Great minds think alike. ;-)


I get them done at a salon. It's probably more expensive than mascara. I do it because I can't wear mascara. I'm not allergic or anything like that, I just rub my eyes a lot and forget I'm wearing it :).


meeeee tooooo! that's a great idea!!


aaahh, can you tell us more about the Kate Spade bag and the elephant case - and anything else in there? I need all those things - everything has worn out and it is time to freshen but I haven't seen anything so nice...until now!!!


The KS bag is from a few years ago but I only just really started using it this summer. The makeup bag (which doesn't really contain much makeup but rather other little bits and bobs that would otherwise just float around in my bag) is a new buy from Svenskt Tenn. I had a nylon makeup bag but it got so dingy and disgusting so I was so happy to find this perfectly sized one: http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/product/ga11134/sminkvaska-elefant-lin.aspx

paula c

omg benita you look like a real model in that amazing picture! i really want to know about that craft project!!


Eu me identifico com o modo como voce se situa atraves das cores!

Jennifer in France

Promise to never dye Herrr Bonus's whiskers.

Marie H

I had my eyelashes dyed twice this summer. My excuse was that I am a boater and in the water so much during the summer. I am a very fair redhead and my eyelashes are almost non existant without mascara. The truth is; I hate wearing it. It smudges, I can never get it close to my lids and I hate how thick they look. I really only want color!

It costs me $25 + $5 tip. I am trying to decide if it is worth it to me to have them done. They last about six weeks. I saw a kit online to do them at home; but I would need help with it.

I really enjoy not having to put on mascara every morning.


You are beautiful! I love the self-portrait.

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