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September 17, 2012


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Mini looks really angry in that last picture! What did you do, suggest that she should move?


The disco ball and the hole in the wall in the living room were made for each other! LOVE it there and I hope that it stays for a good long while! Have a happy week, Benita!


Ha en bra vecka! Maste fraga var kassen med Stockholmskartan kommer ifran?


Den är från Frösö Handtryck. Har köpt den på Room på PUB.


Miss Mini knows that the green in the cushion brings out the green in her eyes. I like your egg cups, cute.


Haha. I remember Bonus claiming the Galaxy chair last week. Mini & Bonus have excellent taste, but you & Wille probably have to stand a lot ;)


Curly Sue is a lovely picture! I think you might have meant to title this set Days 254-260, though. :)


You keep showing us glimpses of the new sofa, but I don't think you've done a proper introduction? Looks different than the vintage sofa you showed us once, anyway.


The traveling potluck dinner sounds so fun! And little Miss Mini sure did play model a lot this week :)


Oops! Thank you!


It's coming up!


I know, I couldn't find any of Bonus at the end of the week!


Love the idea of a girls' pot luck with neighbours!
Will you tell us more about those birch candle holders (aren't they?)?


I got one from my friend Anne and then bought another two because I liked it so much. They're from Åhléns.




"Off for a super nice evening with “the girls” on my street. Were taking turns hosting pot luck. This time the wine for the Italian theme was on me."

Wow, this sounds so gut. A little like card evening in Desperate H.:-)

Last photo awwww :-)

Wehn you started to reduce carb, except agges what else did you eat more? Thanks for advice!


I eat more nuts (brazils, pecans and walnuts) cheeses, raspberries, avocados, tomatoes and cottage cheese along with whatever meat or fish we're having. No bread, pasta, rice or root veggies.

Fröken Fräken

Sådana där björkljusstakar har jag tänkt göra själv, bara jag kommer över en lämplig björk (mycket troligt när jag bor i lägenhet..)
Och är den nya hyllan (skåpet?) något ur Snö-serien kommer jag att bli avis :-)



Tuca Passarelli

You make me feel like a unuseful person. You're so organized! So... I don't know. Must be the "swedish air" or something like that. I don't have the must luxury thing that I need, like time... fot nothing but the essential.
I are such an insperation for people like me!!!

Mini is soooo cute... my babies (two 10 years old Lhasa Apsos) are the Charles Eames chair owners too...

Have a very good week, Benita. And thank you!

Tuca Passarelli

oops.. you are such an inspiration!


That was my cat yesterday....taking the chair and acting like "I" was in the wrong when I wanted it back!


hmm just curious.. r u trying to lose weight or just for improving your health overall?

the spectator

15 weeks = 97 days. Yikes!


Thanks! I shall go investigate :)

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