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September 11, 2012


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Vicki K

The tile looks beautiful brand new!! So what do you do with your old chevron curtain? Save it to reuse in another way--as a drop cloth or sewn into a tote bag...?


Love the blue/chambray. Seems like a good choice for autumn.


Chambray! That's the word I was looking for, thank you!


It's in my fabric stash right now. It looked really nice in my bedroom when I temporarily laid it on my bed so maybe it will end up in there next spring :).


Den där tvålen verksar spännande. Vad är det för märke?


Wow that skylight seriously needed changing. Love the poster! You keep changing your posters. What do you do with the old ones?


Lagerhaus! 59.-/st eller 2 för en hundring! Kap om man jämför med Savon Marseille men inte lika krämig. Dock har de flera goda dofter. Pumpen inget vidare bra men jag upptäckte att gängan är samma som på SM så jag bytte till en jag sparat.


I have small ones in a large binder and large ones rolled up in a cardboard roll marked with it's content. Occasionally I donate some I'm really tired of. The yellow one that was in the bathroom is now brightening up my hobby room though so I do move stuff around quite a lot.


Tyget är ju så fint! Vill ha också! Var har du köpt det? Vad är det för tyg? Och vilken lättnad att få nya fönster innan vintern!


I've seen this poster before somewhere on the web and I liked it. He is cute. "What shall we do with a BATHROOM sailor, what shall we do with a bathroom sailor, early in the morning".


Haha! And yes, much cuter than my last one :).


Tyget är sk chambray, dvs ser ut som jeans men är tunnare. Detta är ett konfektionstyg som jag köpt på Ohlsons Tyger där de har en svart variant också. Och ja, det är sjukt skönt att ha täta fönster!

Nini Tjäder

Hm. Does it really work with that dark shower curtain? Or do you have spotlights in the ceiling behind the shower-curtain? I've found it problematic to have anything but very light or white shower-curtains if you want to see anything when showering. But then I do not have any lighting in the ceiling behind my shower-curtain.


There's a spotlight behind there :).


Whoa. Shopping-stimulus post of magnitude - I want the curtain fabric. I want the soap. And I want those sparkly, shiny tiles! Although that last thing has less to do with shopping and more to do with my laziness when cleaning the bathroom :)

Epoost Blog BlogPoost

Thanks for sharing


How's your kitchen coming along? Maybe you too will soon have shiny tiles in your soon to be former kitchen?!


The kitchen got put on hold over the summer since we wanted to use the warm, sunny weather (hysterical laughter!!) to restore some antique double doors and replace our front door with them. So that looks great, while the kitchen looks pretty much how you remember it. We'll get started on that again soon, and after that - yep, shiny new tiles in the former-kitchen-new-bathroom. Can't wait!


Oh, and - one wall of the God-forsaken workshop is now updated and looks wonderful. The other three are still waiting. We're slow, or as we prefer to call it, methodical :)




Love the gray and the cute sailor!X


Uhh, my favourite colour. You are moving right on trend with fall chambray. The poster is adorable and you must be very relieved that you have new windows.

Lisa Flaherty

Looks great! HUGE improvement with the new skylights! And I love that you move prints around the house. Such cohesive design throughout that you can do that.


How easy will this one dry?


The shower curtain? It dries quicker than the previous one.


LOVE the gorgeous bathroom photos but they're like a teaser...do post more please!


Hi Belinda!

Love the new art, very cool, especially for a bathroom. :)

I just came across this online and it made me think of you..

http://www.finnishdesignshop.com/decoration-smoke-alarms-kupu-photoelectric-smoke-alarm-graphite-white-p-5820.html - pretty awesome if you ask me. ;)


wow! such clean gleaming tiles! do you wipe them everyday? they look so new ^^


Well, they are only a little over a year old and no I don't wipe them every day, I clean the bathroom once a week :).


Very nice!


How do you hang things on a tile wall? I'm planning a tile redo in my bathroom and thought of adding the tile to the wall (rather than the current textured sheetrock) but not sure then what to do about the towel rack, etc.


You can drill tile. I like to drill in between the tiles though so if I one day decide I don't want to hang art off that screw any more I can just remove it and add a tiny bit of grout to fill the hole.


Thanks, Benita!

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