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September 25, 2012


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i love hooks for exactly that purpose! much better than a chair…i'll have a look in our closet to see if i can put in hooks for the children to do the same. x!


Gosh - you are organised. I knew that from before, but I tend to be more and more amazed of your organizing talent. What about the other members of the family? Do they have you skills too, or do you have to clean up their Stuff? In my family I would be the one trying to organize and convince the rest of the gang to folios my example. It is not always an easy job.


The only other member of my family that wears clothes isn't as keen on picking up his clothes and keeping straight piles on shelves but then again I don't see it much because it's in his room upstairs :).


I cannot really specify why but for some reason the pictures from your closet makes me feel so relaxed and calm, the closet is just so neat and pretty and white. It's exactly a place which, if it was in my home, I would love to open the door once in while just to look in a feel the calmness.


So inspiring! We have a tiny walk in closet in our bedroomI TRY and keep it all nice and simple but it never works out. After seeing your closet I think I know what our problem is. We simply have got too much stuff. ;)

I like the colour concept of your wardrobe.


Good to see that you buy stuff at H&M, I cannot afford expensive clothes ;) I love H&M!


I always love seeing other's people closets! But, especially yours, everything is always so perfect. I posted my closet a while ago in my blog, as well.
And, you totally look like a supermodel on the first picture! I don't think it's just because you're wearing black, but you look gorgeous anyway! =)

Regards from Spain.


Jennifer Ruppert

Where did you get those hooks for your pants?


Wow, a walk in closet. I would love on of those!

Ofelia, from México City

I like the new rearrange and I saw now three shelves instead two on the right side, right? Love the round white/beige carpet. Nice hooks, better idea!


They're part of the Elfa system.


Those clothes that you wear once but can be worn again are always a problem - I don't like putting them away with my freshly laundered outfits either - I keep a spare drawer just for these items but your hook system is also a great idea and more useful for the men of the house! The gardening clothes that we wear at the cottage (which can get pretty dirty) are kept in one of those pop up nylon laundry holders overnight so as not to litter up the bedroom floor! Your closet looks great and everything easy to find - it would be my dream again to have a walk in closet (we left ours behind when we moved) - like a pantry, they are a more useful space than just cupboards and wardrobes.


love, love, love this. I love the orderliness of it, the white, but the thing I adore the most about the middle photo is the basket in the lower right corner of the photo. makes me smile AND want to have a similar basket as my laundry basket.

You do look like a model in that first photo.


I want to live in your house.

May / amycapdet

I absolutely agree with the previous comments about your closet AND your looks, Benita :)! Have a nice Wednesday!

April Sharman

Wow it looks great and so tidy! I wish I had the space in my closet, I have to use dreaded wire hangers just to maximize the space!


i love the jean hook idea too! i have some hooks in my closet also - for necklaces, favorite purse and favorite hoodie :)


Where can I find your mirror?

Many thanks for an inspiring blog! :)


It's the wider version of Stave in white from IKEA.


I love the storage bags with handles. I assume extra blankets are in them. Where did you get those?


They're from IKEA and come flat packed. You assemble them via a zipper.


We installed an Elfa system in our tiny one bedroom flat, and it made such a difference! We will no doubt use it again when we move again in to our own place next year (hopefully). I didn't know about those hooks, what a great idea for "wear agains". Your wardrobe looks great.


Really amazing Benita !! I love it ! It look so clean,neat and peaceful ... I feel envy of your work ;)

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