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September 18, 2012


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I was wondering if you know how much electricity your charger needs if he is plugged in all the time....Mine says that you have to unplug it after charging because it takes a lot !!!!????

I like to read your blog and I am jealous how need and organized your home is....with two little kids and working ...the chaos will never end.....

Have a nice day....


I'm so going to do this! I saw the bulldog clip on Pinterest as well, but like you my desk is too thick. So clever you are. Thanks!!


Brilliant! (of course...)
And my phone needs charging AT LEAST once a day.


I guess it's like with all those gadgets that are on "stand by", they do need electricity but I'm just too lazy to turn everything off when I do use it every day.


wow, so brilliant yet simple


Clever idea! But you have a black iPhone? Mine is white, I love white ;)


Is there birch coloured velcro? Unfortunately both my desk and the shelves where we charge our stuff are not simply white.
Guess white velcro on wood(imitation) would look odd, just like the dear kids sticked sth there as they always do*sigh*
nice idea though! Has Wille some now, too?;-)


i don't turn all my apps off everyday, but when i'm going out and know that i'll be using my phone a bunch, and likely only on a couple aps (hello facebook!), i'll close the rest to save my battery.

i only just learned about this ability to turn off the apps a couple months ago, after having my iphone for over a year (and getting more and more frustrated that i had to charge it more and more often)!

and, here's what we use to keep cables on the tables: http://www.likecool.com/CableDrop_Cable_Holder--Desktop--Gear.html


very clever. i'll try it. x


I got a black one from work. Had I had a choice it would be white obviously :).


Ah so nifty. Got to copy this.

Nini Tjäder

I use these ones http://shop.textalk.se/se/article.php?id=22627&art=8585030

Nini Tjäder

Also found here http://www.bluelounge.com/products/cabledrop/
It is really good.

Fröken Prickig

Liked that Pinterest folder "Smart ideas" of yours!

Jules Means

Nice tip today... I love Velcro, too. I remember when the ripping sound was referred to as the mating call of the 80's!




Benita, I found your site about 2 weeks ago, and just fell in love with your house...
It took me one week to read everything, since 2008. Since I love books, it felt like a deco magazine and I read it all, from the old house to the new one.
Everything is just lovely and I admire your skills to build / assemble / paint / create / organize.
I am totally disorganized and to me it is a daily battle with my own self to keep everything in its place.
You've become a great inspiration to me.
Thanks for sharing a big part of yur life with us.
Wish you all the best!

Kathleen S.

Genius, sheer genuius!

Lisa Flaherty

Velcro does come in a tan color, though, like band-aids, it won't blend with every shade of wood. Lol!

Lisa Flaherty

Always thinking! Love it!


I find the GPS map ap the one that runs the battery down the fastest. I always make sure to turn that when off when I'm finished with it....as I'm usually going somewhere and the phone runs down when I'm not near a charger.


Brilliant! I am so doing this!!

Thought you might like this..



I saw that :)

Mandy Davis

This is exactly the solution that I need! Just today, my phone charger fell behind my desk, and I had to scramble on all fours just to retrieve it. Velcro, what a beautiful invention!!!


Or you could go wireless charging and have a fatboy charging pillow :) much neater and cooler ;)



Do you find that case to have overly sensitive silver buttons? I had it but it kept powering off my phone :(


I've had no problem. Is yours an apple original?


Yes it was an apple original. Perhaps I might re buy it and hope it was just a faulty one or alter it to not be so button sensitive.... Any tips?


i have the same problem, my table is birch-coloured too! the velcro i bought (b4 i bought the table) was BLACK. sighs. have not seen any tan-coloured ones around where i live, only blk & white ones...BUT maybe i can get white and stick it to my white table leg instead.


Hi, I just wanted to ask if the IKEA drawers have nice and smooth opening/closing for u becoz when I tried the display one at the store, it felt quite difficult to open/ close the drawers...not as smooth as I would like my drawers to be...any problems when doing that for u? I think we're more used to wood and not metal drawers here...


Those display samples can be a bit abused so it's probably worse off than one you would have at home. Mine is fine. It's not like a wooden drawer but it's perfectly fine. The whole drawer unit tends to roll a little when you pull a drawer though because of the wheels underneath.


yeah I thought so too :) thanks for letting me know abt the rolling...I'll consider a bit longer whether to get it...

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