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September 20, 2012


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I also use a tray, or actually a rectangular plate, to hold similar things. But I keep it on the counter.
I like your cling film holders. Are they Muji or something else?


They are by muji!

Lisa Flaherty

I love it when one thing fits perfectly into another non-intended thing! I have an Ikea wooden CD holder/drawer thing and I found two small plastic trays to slide in. Now the wooden drawers are out and holding extra inks for my printer in one cabinet, and the housing with the plastic trays are on my kitchen counter with onions and garlic in them, with storage on top for a bowl of tomatoes!


I recently purchased a lazy susan made by oxo that also works really well for this kind of thing... ;) it's a good solution for vitamins, vinegar and oils, etc.! Although, I think you may already be using this trick in your pantry...?


I am :)

Bernadette @ B3HD

I have my handy stuff on the counter (probably testament to a need to clear out the cabinets. But also put it on a tray for easy wipe up on my counters and easy reach. Like the lazy susan idea...I don't really have that much to reach for so have not done that yet.

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