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September 21, 2012


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Yum!! Malbec, my favourite.
I think it's personal touches like this that makes a gift more special. Plus, the lucky receiver gets a cute usable piece of fabric.
I often tend to use a pretty tea towel to wrap a gift of baked goods. A towel can also be quickly turned into a bread bag when it's a big crusty loaf.
Love the B/W photos.

May / amycapdet

Awww!!! She honors her name, Mini! She's the same size as the bottle and so sweet :-)!


How I wish Mini could be wrapped up & sent to me :p


That looks so nice! But always, always remember to include a card that says "Cute kitty not included" ;)


I like the buttons idea. How do you secure the fabric at the bottom so it doesn't unfold (tape?) or is the piece of fabric big enough to put the bottle in the middle of it and just gather to corners at the top?
Have a nice weekend!


Great idea and quick: good. Especially the cat.


Oh, forgot to ,mention that I used clear duct tape!


Thanks; that was my query, too! ;)


loved the idea and loved that you have an argentinian wine....I'm argentinian and beed following your blog for somo time LOVE IT!!!! congrattulations and thanks for the nice idea!


So glad Mini isn't part of the gifting - :D

Love the button idea!


Mini seems upset though that you're giving away her bottle of wine.

Beth Khoundara

Ha! Great idea, though Mini doesn't seem too pleased to be in the photo! :)

Kim Taylor

It is as if Mini is saying, "I dare you not to love this lovely gift of wine." She looks very serious about her gift-giving. :)


Ha! didn't know they have CLEAR duct tape. I am only coming to terms now with colourful duct tape. Wonder what Red Green (a Canadian comedian with a show where the silver duct tape featured almost as one of the main characters) would say about that :-). Anything is possible with a little duct tape (according to Red Green).

Account Deleted

LoL. you can keep the wine and just bring the kitty to my place ;-) Have a nice weekend everyone!


Love that photo! And the bottle is nice too.

Bernadette @ B3HD

Love the little button detail


Igår låg jag länge i sängen och roade mig med att läsa igenom en hel massa av din gamla inlägg och blev så otroligt inspirerad! Jag har nu städat, rensat och organiserat en massa skåp i köket! :)

Tack för det!
Kram Jennica


Argentinan wine, good choice;)

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