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September 05, 2012


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Very neat. Good solution. So there was rain protection before? Is the support beam still the same as it was before the redoing of the balcony floor?


Peace of mind is worth a lot!


Peace of mind indeed, and it even looks cool! Funny, we've just been dealing with this metal sheeting too. Installed some pretty double doors at the front of the house and were AMAZED at how little the wood underneath had been protected all these years.


This is exactly what we need to do for our balcony! Very useful advice - would you be so kind to let me know the word for sheet metal in Swedish? Also, where can you order it from? Thanks!


The front plank was cut around the uprights so there was a bit of overhang. My contractors just laid the new planks against the uprights. I wasn't there that day...


This particular type is called a "fotplåt" and it's from Lindab. http://www.bygghemma.se/utomhus/tak/takavvattning/platlister-och-beslag/fotplat-lindab-fotp-40-x-2000-mm/p-196911

Dana from CT

Peace of mind is right. That job not being done is the kind of thing I would stress over every time it rained. So now you can relax :-)


Many thanks!

Michelle of Montreal

A textbook drip edge! See how the winter goes, but you may want to caulk between the boards and the metal so that water doesn't seep back underneath


When you close your awning will it all be away from where the water drips? This kind of DIY makes me so proud of myself. I have done something to protect my home! I used cement in a tube to caulk around my foundation and you would have thought I'd just built the house!


It will!

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