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September 28, 2012


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De är verkligen jättefina.
Tack för tipset om rabatt på Panduro!


I´m envious - I love those too but have to save a while further... They are looking fantastic! :-)




Loving those colour-co-ordinated books inside too.



eastcoastmom in Madrid

Oh, yes, that´s my fave snow also!

the spectator

I love those! And the way you have arranged the contents.


Supersnyggt! Jag suktar också efter Snö, men får nog spara lite till :)

Fröken Fräken

Då hade jag ju rätt i min gissning för ett tag sedan om vad som dolde sig i kartongerna :-) Och jepp, jag är så avis, precis som jag trodde! Jag har också varit förtjust i Snö så länge, jag vet inte, men det är något med handtagens (öppningarnas) utformning som är helt charmant.


Simple and nice.
Happy weekend.


Blir ruskigt avundsjuk på de fina skåpen!

Har varit sjukskriven och sedan mammaledig i över ett år nu och att läsa din blogg har varit en stående punkt i morgonrutinen. Varje fredag har jag blivit förvånad över att veckan har gått!

På måndag går jag tillbaka till kolgruvan -hmm förlåt -jobbet och kommer att sakna min morgonrutin! =( Blir inte samma sak att snabbläsa på kvällen.


Ja och IKEA i all ära men det här ÄR en annan känsla :).


Haha, kolgruva! Så känner jag det också ibland trots att jag har ett bitvis ganska kul jobb. Hekst vill man ju vara hemma och pyssla med "sitt" liksom :)


Åh åh åh!! Blev ju supersnyggt! Ja, man blir ju ibland trött på sitt ikea-fierade hem. Men en annan får ju liksom spara även till den enklaste Billy... Tur att det finns loppis och second hand!


I Norge fyller Panduro også 50 år! ;)
Nice cabinets, love the color!


Beautiful! Thank you for the Asplund link....amazing!! x


Love at first sight-great investment pieces! The will look amazing in a later home's dining room or even bedroom, I like them more than the USM cabinets that are very chic in Switzerland.


Very nice. I like the opening instead of a handle to open the doors. I clicked on the Asplund link that you provided and I also like the L chest of drawers very much.
Trevlig helg!

rachel swartley

Gorgeous cabinets, Benita!

Lotta-Alla bäckar små

så himla himla snygga!!! bra köp. Å tack för tips ang Panduro, ska fixa inför sonens dop, så det passar bra. Trevlig helg!


Hi Benita
Love the Snow, also love your cardboard cat house. Could you tell me wher you got it!


I made it following these instructions with a few minor changes: http://www.marthastewart.com/921522/how-make-cardboard-cat-playhouse?lnc=bbb7a99556c5f110VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&pgType=intro&rsc=howTo_tab_intro#menu_container


Benita, they look GREAT! Excellent investment. I imagine Mini and Bonus are not going to like not being able to get in and out of it as they could with the expedit! :)


Snow är underbart vackra! Passar utmärkt i ditt fina hem. Har länge suktat efter en byrå.. Har redan tänkt att det borde bli en 50års present - om 6 år! Försöker sälja in idén till släkten redan.


miss b, you kill me. your english is idiomatically better than mine (since forever!!!). the cabinets are wonderful, but oh you kid.


Det låter som en strålande ide!




So nice! Congrats!


Oh my god, you nearly killed me ;-) We'll travel to Sweden tomorrow for some days and I thought for a minute that I'd have to repack everything because I neede3 the thickest clothes I own. Okay, now I'm wide awake again and happy that it's not (yet) true.
Best regards,


Haha! Welcome to Sweden! Hope you're bringing an umbrella... :)


Those are gorgeous! Great choice.

anci ~ miramolnbloggen

Åh, vilka fina!
Jag har länge suktat efter Snö Byråer och visste inte att det fanns sådana här skåp. Det är handtagens form som är grejen!! Man blir liksom kär i dem...

Jag fortsätter att drömma om den underbara snö-varianten medan jag fotar mitt senaste Lussekatts-tryck tillsammans med årets fina designflaska med BLOSSA GLÖGG 2012.




that's how i like to do it too. make as much as possible, and then buy things you really adore and have been pining for! they look wonderful, i'm very fond of a window in a cabinet. i like the height. x


They are beautiful. I also like their high cabinets.

Fat Cat

Wow, they look fab ! There's nothing more satisfying than saving up your hard earned cash and finally getting that one special item. I bet they'll make you happy every day :-)

Nini Tjäder

I officially envy you big time! I've always loved SNOW (the furniture, not the wet and cold stuff associated with winter). But they should be white as these ones. The new color – some dirty beige –introduced this year I really don't like.


Hi Benita, I love your new cabinets!
I discovered your blog some weeks ago through a Facebook group, and since I liked it so much I went back to the beginning to read it all... I finished today, so from now on I can follow "live" :)
It's been an inspiring reading, your organization tips will be so useful to me when I'll move in my new home, a few months from now! As to DIY projects, I am afraid they are out of my reach, but it's always interesting to read about what you do!


They are absolutely gorgeous! Well worth the many pennies.


Tack så mycket! No, we didn't bring our umbrellas but decided to bring rain jackets instead. Until now it was (nearly) dry and even a little bit sunny. Thanks a lot for the Panduro link, the store here in Malmö is opened today and tomorrow. And: the 25% off are still valid. It's always good to know where to spend your pocket money.

Fat Cat

I've been going through some of your older posts and I came across your amazing apple print next to your new sofa : http://chezlarsson.com/.a/6a00e55224287c8833017c31e734a9970b-pi . I just have to ask - where did you get that from ?


It's from Nous Design but seems to out of stock :( http://nousdesign.se/poster/?p=180


Just great!!! I love this peace of furniture like forever! I would probaly go for no glass version.

Fat Cat

Thank you very much for the info ! I emailed them anyway, maybe there's some left - one can hope :-)

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