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September 26, 2012


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The darker looks sooo much better! And I can't wait to see how the stairs turn out. Fabulous!


I had assumed I would not like the stain, but I love it. It looks really good.


looks great! how nice to have someone else working on the same things. wishing you sisal-luck. x


Wow! A beautiful colour! Would this work for your stairs to the basement as well? (I think you mentioned you wanted to fix those steps.)


Having lovely neighbours is the best: you were clearly meant to live in that house!! x


Did you happen to notice that we have the exact same kind of orange handrail? I've often wondered how much work it would take to make them look nicer, and now I know. Please oh please, what's the name of that stain/varnish?


I returned the can (I only used about a centimeter's worth for all my handrails so a can will last you forever!)but I think it was Herdins Lackbets Aqua http://www.herdins.se/bets/vara-betser__81 in the brown shade. I'll double check with K and let you know if it wasn't!


That would be so nice, thanks! Meanwhile I'll look into the Herdins. That shiny, orange, sauna/70s summer house look is really not the best :/


It might work but I'd have to sand them all the way down first because they're so worn. Not sure I'm up for that job, it's so much easier to fill and paint...


Skitsnyggt! Nu vill jag fixa våra också ;) Måste bara säga att ni är de mest inspirerande grannar man kan ha, båda två! Tänker ofta på det <3


It was Herdins Lackbets Aqua!


Du är gullig du :)


Yay, thanks!

Linda G

Very nice! The new color also hides the transition from the "bent elbow" portion of the handrail to the straight piece. In the "before" photos they looked different colors.
What is the small button above the handrail? Is it a light switch?


It is!


Very nice job. BTW, what is that button thing on the wall above the handrail? Light switch?


So much better. I did something similar with pine treads that lead to our playroom. Minimal sanding and two coats of varnish brushed on made them match the hardwood colour we have on our main floor. I really like the rich warm wood tone.


The darker is so much better! It really moves the space up into the current decade! I also very much like the painted wallpaper as background for your 'new' handrail. It really is so much better to have that texture rather than just flat wall. And thanks to Neighbor K for sharing so that we can all enjoy the improvement!


I have to say, I don't know how you do so much. You really amaze me.

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