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September 07, 2012


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Ps. Tradera is our local branch of Ebay and the poster's a vintage one.


The poster is great!


Brilliant x


Oh, I like! Such a happy shade of green.


I like the poster. If you disregard the number signifying the century, all dates had number 2 in them 920, 972, and 012. Maybe it's your lucky number? :-). Trevlig helg


Maybe it is!

Account Deleted

Nice! Great weekend all!


I'm sure it was no accident that the poster happens to match that stack of pillows so brilliantly :) Happy weekend!

Lisa Flaherty

So cool! What a find! And, that green goes to show what classic taste you have! :)

rachel swartley

I collected stamps when I was a kid, and this reminds me of the stamps I would occasionally find that said "Sverige" on them. I had some kind of list of country name translations that came in handy. :) Thanks for the little trip down memory lane!

anci ~ miramolnbloggen

Great poster! Your green exactly!
What does the text below the stamp say?


I tells the story of that particular stamp :).

Bernadette @ B3HD

Really love the green and white.

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