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October 01, 2012


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LOOOVE those lamps!

And I too have recently started wearing reading glasses - the horror! And mostly for my iPhone!

Can't wait to see your projects! :)


I didnt realize that bulbs were planted so early in the northern hemisphere... to hot for tulips where I live!

love the lamps too, some of the birds look a bit like our (australian) sulphur crested cockatoos....


To us it's late :)


Wow your lawn is perfect, it looks almost artificial being so perfect. I like that first picture of you. Maybe you should keep your hear like that, it looks good, really.


Believe me, it won't stay like that if I want it too. I'd have to work hard on achieving an "armchair head" every morning before work. Or maybe I should sleep in my armchair...

That portion of the lawn IS looking great. Other further away from the house bits are still weedy. Will resume my weeding come spring :).


Ooh, that's a lot of tulips! They'll be so cheery and pretty come springtime. I finished planting the last of our bulbs yesterday - no tulips because the deer eat them, but lots of daffodils and allium. For me it's so hard finding the motivation to plant them when I don't see immediate results, but I just keep reminding myself how happy we'll be to see some signs of life in the spring.

April Sharman

Your dinner looked yummy :) and the antiques fair looked interesting, hope you found some goodies.


Nice lamp. And the glasses looks nice on you.


Fun shots as always - and I crave those birdies, so charming! :-)


Oh glasses will hide the red-eyes!


There was 72 of them. All white of course but three different types that will bloom at different times if all goes according to plan. My arm hurts today from that dig and twist action required 72 times...


There was so much great stuff! Sanna and I were saying that it's harder to shop when you really like half of whats on offer than when you go into an antiques store and they have two things that you like.
I got a jar with white hearts on it (like I need another jar...) and a vintage advertising print.


I didn't get the $$$ Gucci ones I had on because it turned out I could get reading glasses from work for free. My workplace doesn't pay for Gucci though but the style I chose is similar but at about a fifth of the price :).


72 - aaaah!! I guess mine totalled a bit over 100, but this was spread out over lots of days so it wasn't that bad. I just now used that bulb planter thingy for the first time and I like it - but if the ground's too muddy it's SO hard to knock it back out of the thing. I'm still learning...


Your skin looks so great! And that antiques fair, I already spotted some great must haves...
Your reading glasses makes you look really intelectual (uber-intelectual) and somewhow severe...


I like both of your photos. Reading glasses - welcome to the club! :-). The antique fair .....so tempting.
Enjoy the time with your Mom. We'll miss you and your posts.


The glasses look fantastic on you...excellent shape for your face! Your skin really is flawless, do you have a product you use to keep it so nice or is this just good genetics? Also, the bunnies ate all my tulips this spring :( I hope you don't suffer the same fate. Of course to be fair they also ate most of my weeds too! It's hard to be mad at them for that...plus they are so cute when eating dandilions.


Fingers crossed that Mini and Bonus will chase away all bunnies come spring!

As for my skin, I guess it's genetics. I don't always buy the same creams but at the moment I'm trying a BB cream by L'Oreal. Ooh, maybe it works?!


I love the reading glasses...they look great on you!

Rattling On

I love the lamp! Who's it by? I want one...


It doesn't say anywhere on them unfortunately.


I am jealous of your lawn. Ours is in such a mess. We will work on it next spring though. Can I ask where you got the bulbs from? Tack!


Hey Benita,
I recently discovered your blog and it has quickly become one of my absolute favourites! Love your photos, your creative projects, your design, and of course your organization :) I am currently working on renovating a rather neglected ninety fifties bungalow with my husband and kids, and your blog has kept me inspired through the more ugly and not so fun stages. I keep envisioning white walls and refinished floors with lots of great light. Someday it will look good! Thanks!


Hey, Benita, I had a crazy dream featuring you the other day, and thought I may share to have a good laugh.

In my dream sort of the computer screen sucked me in and smacked me flat in your living room, so I was effectively breaking and entering your home (but everything always looks so nice that I didn't truly regret it). Thing was, also, I didn't have anywhere else to be. You were understandably bummed and tried to turn on your computer to toss me back to my place, but your broadband provided was experiencing technical issues and you were stuck with me. You offered me food (sea food, which I simply cannot tolerate), asked me to look after your cats (ditto), and spoke mostly in Swedish (I only understand "och"). It wasn't such a great experience, I think.

There wasn't much else to say about my dream except that you were probably very relieved that it ended. Do you ever dream of readers popping up in your living room? I hope not!


i got them from Tulpanen! http://www.tulpanen.se/


Haha, no reader dreams on my side yet :)


I love those glasses on your! you're so beautiful!

May / amycapdet

Love that style of glasses and you look great with them on but, yes, designer glasses are so expensive! So you didn't choose a white frame, Benita?
Have a good week :)


Just a note to say thank you. I am Middle School teacher in Chicago. I spend my day with the chaos that 12-14 year olds create. When I get home I read your blog and my natural sense of order and calm are somehow restored. THANK YOU!


Love the Dahla horse at the fair!


Kul att höra att du också är en packåsna som släpar allt på cykeln. Samma här, inget körkort och ingen bil. Men det har gått i 51 år ändå! Vad för antiques market brukar du gå på? Fina photon på dig!
Gillar de nya bokskåpen. Jättesnygga! Måste ta mig till Asplunds någon dag, kanske torsdag då jag ska till St Erik och kolla ögonen, länge sedan jag var där sist. ha en trevlig tripp till din mamma!

the spectator

I love the record cover. "She taught me how to yodel"


I would have if I were to wear glasses all the time but I just can't see myself do that just yet so I'm getting computer/reading glasses via work. No fancy Gucci on those racks though I'm afraid. The ones I chose are quite similar though. Will show you when I get them!


Just denna mässa var Antikmässan i Kista. Helgen 26-28/10 är det Retromässa i Münchenbryggeriet så den tänkte jag ev också gå på.


Haha, I didn't see that! And haha, again, because I need glasses :)

May / amycapdet

Looking forward to seeing the photos :)

Une fille à Paris

Jäg älsker skandinaviske loppemarkeder, where was this antique fair that you went to?
Been an avid reader of your blog for a couple of years and I love it!


This one was in Kistamässan just outside Stockholm and it's o once or twice a year. There's another one coming up Oct 26-28 at Münchenbryggeriet called retromässan. Other yjan that i usually scour the online auctions: Stadsauktion, Lauritz, Metropol and Bukowskis Market.

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