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October 22, 2012


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Unexciting weeks are the best kind, at least I think so.

Love these glimpses. Mmmm, maybe I'll treat myself to some roses, too.


I do love that breakfast, wish I´d take the time to eat like that in the mornings! :-)


Looks like a nice week x


I do love your granola jar as I do love you and your blog:) Where can I find it? May you?
I wish you a happy week.


Yes, it rains. And rains. And rains. Looks like Bonus is commenting on that to Mini :)


It's Burken from IKEA but I spray painted the lid white. I can't find that wide version on their site though only the tall and small ones.


Haha, it does :)

Fröken Prickig

Another great idea! I'll do that too - but pink:)


I love first photo!
Why four bowls? Yeah for you treat!
I was recently on one trip and I always take photos of cats there, this time even many in the middle of the city, residental area, all of them groomed and with great homes with gardens, I had to think on Mini and Bonus


it's probably one for each cat for moist cat food, one for dry cat food, one for water ;)


Exactly what Andrea said.

Lisa Flaherty

I want that breakfast! Yum!


I've been a cat mom for over 9 years now, and we have the same set up for our three cats ;)


There is something about seeing a cat in the "meatloaf" position with their feet all tucked in that makes me want to go give them a snuggle, even if it is raining.


Thank you :-). Never come to that, I use same bows for dry and moist, not at the same time of course. Water is from Lucky Kitty.

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