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October 29, 2012


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May / amycapdet

Martha following you, you lucky girl!!! Yes, I think you'll be on her Christmas card list this year 😊! Have a nice week, Benita!

Helane N

It seems so odd that you are getting snow in October. We had a huge dump of snow only last week here in the Blue Mountains, Australia. It doesn't seem right that snow is falling on both hemispheres at the same time. You can have it all now :)


Oh wow! Great attention from Martha!
I love frosty grass, and the sound it makes under your feet.


Oh my God! You and Martha - new best friends!!! I'm so excited (shows what an thrilling life I lead...). I'm looking forward to your company come Saturday even though I am now further down on your friends list ;)


Don't worry, you top Martha any day!


Loving the Martha magic x


Woo, exciting news about Martha. I've just started Pinterest - so addictive xo


Bonus is a Mr. Handsome!


We also have snow, to early if you ask me...


We've got snow in Warsaw too. Martha following you - cool!
Bonus, that look - swoon ;-).


So cool that Martha is following you! Bummer about the contest rules but it was sweet of them to send you a consolation gift (what was it??). Museum gift shops are my weakness, they always have the neatest treasures there.

Lisa Flaherty

A very eventful week!

Fröken Prickig

I guess you have a (secret?) admirer in Martha, which is kind of cool:)


Wow! Att ha Martha Stewart som följare är stort!! :)
Kram Jennica


Ah, Monday. I find myself looking forward to Mondays because of your 365(6) project. I admire you ability to include photos from each and every day. Next year. I'll do that next year. I make that promise to myself.

I'm sorry that you weren't able to participate in the competition; they'll have to re-think their rules, I think!

I, too, love the first snowfall of the season and also the crunch, crunch of frost underfoot. Those are magical events of the season.

Thank you for each and every image that you post. Each one draws memories and emotions for us--even if we don't comment on them. And for each one, we are grateful.


I discovered your blog by reading through another french on. This weekend, i read all you articles, and had a look at your nice pictures. I learnt more about you, and i like what you put in your blog...looking forward to read you as soon as you post something.

We also had some snow flakes here,in the French Provence, on saturday night...so strange!


It was the Encyclopedia of Crafts book and she signed the book plate :).


you're really good at this -picture a day- thing, fun little glimpses into your everyday life. :)


o. m. g!


Hurra! :)


Benita ~ I felt the same way when YOU started following MY organization page on Pinterest!! I love, love, love your blog!!
You inspire me!

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