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October 31, 2012


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Wow you do look spooky! Did you use your new camera? I haven't heard of Pic Monkey...

I have to say, it is hard for me to deal with DST ending a week sooner for you than for us here in California! I love to see your posts before I go to bed!


I didn't ue mu new camera for this, I took the original for this in the mirror in the bathroom last weekend :).

I know, DST is really annoying blog wise but it is nice that it's not as dark outside when I leave in the morning.


Kids love halloween here in AU but most adults seems to be against it?! What's the harm ... we can all do with a little fun now and then!

Great pic btw, scary!


Scary scary!! Happy Halloween!

Claire/Just a little less

One spoooky lady xo


Awesome! Scary!! Those are really cool teeth! My fiance got teeth like that for Halloween but they didn't stick!


Love the pic, love picmonkey.

Sadly I can't get it to work this morning; you inspired me to edit a photo for my facebook wall. I've never had trouble before with the site.


* use
* my


Have you been hit by Sandy? I've been following the events online these last few days. How awful!




Great photo. Happy Halloween!


I love this photo! You look really hot!


Heh - you look just lovely! :-D


I have family on the East Coast, in Maryland. Without power but o.k. (dry!) - also a loved one in NYC - haven't heard from him yet. My daughters are in Chicago. I'm glad to say I live presently in Zurich :-) But yes, been following online as well, and keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers.


very cool! we're still in the cute pumpkins and little ghost phase here as my little ones are still a bit spooked out by anything scarier than a carved pumpkin! happy halloween :)


Benita that is an amazing photo!! Love it!! Happy Halloween! <3

christine e-e

cute! or should I say "very scary" as my granddaughter used to say all the time. You have the perfect face shape to be able to play with the overlays on PicMonkey. I love that editing program.
we don't get kids coming around trick or treating... (live in a condo)... but we're having a themed party at work.

Kim T.

That is awesome! Happy Halloween Benita!

Lisa Flaherty

Haha! LOVE PicMonkey! I use it for pretty much all my photo editing as I don't have PhotoShop. My niece has been loving all the Halloween options on PicMonkey and I have been enjoying seeing her daily creations showing up on Facebook! Boo!

Account Deleted

You look terrific!


We dont celebrate halloween at all but i love this pic!!!
Aqeela xx


Scary!! i'm anxiously awaiting the pix from the new camera!! this isn't it, is it?


No, this was taken last weekend before my new (heavy!) baby arrived.

Noga from Israel

Boo Yourself!
Great pic. Perfect for a guy you have just met.
Bye! Boo!


Hi! Love your new look... ;-p Thanks for the pic and link.


You look spooky!


Wow how it looked scary it still looks a bit sexy,
Nice job with the makeup

バスケット シューズ

You look terrific!

mbt シューズ

We dont celebrate halloween at all but i love this pic!!!
Aqeela xx

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