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October 25, 2012


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Ah, so neat. I really need to do a major cable organizing behind our TV, those are really appalling now, but I've been putting it off because I know it's going to be a pain.


But so rewarding when you're done!


Looking good! I have another tip for you, even neater :). In Sweden there is a glue called "PL600" (i tub till en sån där fogspruta du vet) that sticks on everything, it´s great for cords, in ceilings it´s fantastic.. My experience from those plastic covers is that they sooner or later fall off (the glue doesn´t last). The only bad thing with the glue is when or if you want to move your lamp. But for those things that supposed to stay forever it´s great.


Haha, now my IKEA Swedish got an update. Kabelkanal ;-) no more Kabelsalat if you have a Kabelkanal!

When my husband installed these around the living room I was sooooo greatful and he wouldn't believe it. But, as you say, it looks so much neater and tidier/tidyer/more tidy(aaaaaaarg, anybody help me with my English) I like!
And the leftover Kabelkanals can be used as swords by the kids. i don't like.




Oh, yes!

Louise B

Great idea. So much neater. Looks good.

Sarah {20 State}

I soooo get this, cords are the bain of my life! They ramp my Google diagnosed OCD up a notch...


Tidier simply looks right, even though its "tidy." (Let's assume it follows the same pattern as pretty, prettier, prettiest and changes the y to i.) "More tidy" is also correct but not idiomatic. There are rules but only old-fashioned English teachers teach them—or even know them.


What an improvement! I have never seen those chord hiding thingies here in the US. I will have to search for them. There must be something like that here.


I am fascinated with the electrical outlets and switches in your home. They are so much cooler than what we have here in the U.S.


The original outlets and switches are really nice but I have my fair share of current ones, 70's, 80's, 90's ones too and they're not all pretty :)



Lisa Flaherty

What a difference! Great fix!


Caro, Amazon has them (search for cord cover kit) - I am ordering some asap!! I would never even have thought such a thing existed!



I pray for the day when cables don't exist.

My computer desk is so cluttered due to all the cables!!!! I can't do anything permanent because it is rented but honestly...it is like a big tangle of awful.

Caro Style

thanks. I'm ordering some, too.


try toilet rolls and kitchen towel rolls?


You get THREE electrical outlets! We only get TWO here in the U.S.!

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