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October 30, 2012


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It's my camera too, and I just love it (despite the weight).
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. It's so good to treat yourself to something REALLY nice sometimes !


I am so looking forward to your trying out the wide angle lens and seeing more wide angle shots of your rooms!


How exciting!! Congratulations, can't wait to see your photos and hear your reviews :)


Anticipation is part of the joy when you are waiting for a new camera or Santa :-). Looking forward to seeing Benita's world through the new lenses.

May / amycapdet

Me too :)! Congratulations, can't wait to see your wide angle photos!

Tina Rawatta

Wonderful decision! I know how you feel at the Moment cause I was in the same situation only few weeks ago waiting for the same camera to arrive!!!! And can't wait to the pictures you take with it too!!!




Congrats, I´m sure it will work wonders for you - and as long as it´s a Canon..! ;-)

Fröken Fräken

Ja, alltså, är man inte världsbäst på att köpa presenter till sig själv? Jag skulle behöva bättre objektiv men det är ju en djungel därute på teknikfronten.

Lisa Flaherty

Happy Dance for you!

K @ Shift Ctrl ART

It is truly a great camera and the 24-70 2.8 is on my camera ALL THE TIME :) love it.

About the 50mm lens... did you consider the crop-factor when you decided on that lens? I was under the impression that the 80mm is to the full frame what the 50mm is to the 1.6 crop factor (the non "full frame" cameras).

You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_factor. If you decide to keep the 50mm, I would love to hear more about this when you have had a chance to test it out :)


I haven't considered the drop factor actually but I'm keeping it. I've heard so many good things about using it with the 5D Mark II so I'm looking forward to what I can do with it :)


Unrelated post (ignoring this one as I'm a Nikon girl ;) ), but thought you might appreciate this tumblr if you haven't seen it already - it's called "Things Organized Neatly", immediately thought of you! The very opposite of me... unfortunately. Hm. Anyway; enjoy! http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com/


Congrats Benita, I'm sure you won't regret it. I just love my 5D! Been taking pictures of my grandson all of today (with 50 mm lens because of low light situation).


Ooh, tack för tipset! Jag är själv på jakt efter en ny systemkamera så jag suger ivrigt åt mig tips och info.
Var köpte du dina saker?




Ha, funny! i used to have a plumber at the old house who did that with the old pipes he tore out. He'd lay them out on the floor almost in that manner :).


Jag beställde från Hong Kong efter ett tips från en läsare i ett annat inlägg men det vete sjutton om jag skulle göra det igen för det var en del strul med leveransbesked etc. Hade nog kunnat hitta för samma peng i Sverige om jag beställde alla olika delar med lägsta pris från olika nätbutiker efter att ha kollat på Pricerunner. Rekommenderar annars Scandinavian Photo där jag köpt utrustning till jobbet tidigare. Både kunniga och trevliga.


Funny, I had just happened on your last camera post (back in 2010 with the TXi), and before posting found this one.

I started out years ago with an Olympus, but moved to a Canon EOS Elan II. I still own the Canon (and do still shoot the occasional film - weird right?), but ventured into digital with the Rebel XTi several years ago. I've used it to death. I got my first ever macro lens yesterday (EFS 60mm) so there's more playing in my future, but I'm also considering a camera upgrade. I'm not ready for the really big guns (nor do I think that's necessary for me), but it's still a major research undertaking. I'll certainly stick with Canon (I've never had any complaints), but which one? lol I hadn't considered the 5D. More research. Sigh. lol

Found your blog just this morning, and will be checking it out further. :-)


hi all, need advice ..what's a gd model for a beginner like me? so many choices out there..i'm thinking Canon too. i just need one that takes great pics both day n night, not too heavy hopefully. i want it for travelling :) tks for any advice.

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