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October 03, 2012


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Hej & Godmorgon!

Wow, this is so fresh and so neat looking (and thus extra suitable for a laundry room ;D)!
I love your eye for those little details, Benita, and you´re so good at it.
Q: What do you do with the pitcher (don´t really know what´s the appropriate word for it)(kannan)? I´ve wanted to ask you that before but never got around to do it.


Haha, I was supposed to write "clean" looking which had made the "suitable for a laundry room" a bit more funny. Well, well. ;)


The pitcher if for water for my iron!


To remove the water line on the bottle, this has worked for me. Put a scoop of automatic dishwasher detergent in the bottle and fill with very hot water. Let stand for at least 12 hours.




Very nice makeover. Have a great weekend with your Mom.

emilie aka la marmotte

like the little bubbles on your soap holder !!!

emilie aka la marmotte

enjoy your week-end ;-)


Amazing... I want to rush out and buy stencils and paint! Can it go into the dishwasher after it's cured? Thanks, Miracle Girl, for inspiring me once again.


It can!


Are you really a Skansk(imagine the little circle over the a !)girl?Do they still have the ferry from Helsingborg to Danmark?I used to live in Landskrona and it was so fun to take the ferry and go to Copenhagen but maybe with that bridge it is not necessary.Hope you think to share some pictures of the landscapes of southern Sweden on your blog-some very beautiful vistas for sure and certainly quite different from the Stockholm area.
Have a mysig time with your Mom.


I'm not. My parents moved from STockholm to Skåne in 1989 and mom lives there ever since. The ferries are still going strong but I haven't been for ages. Camera wise I'm only bringing my iPhone but will see what I can do about the photo request :).


I love what you did with the Martha crafts! So inspiring - thanks for sharing!


This is why I read your blog. I would never in a million years think to give my laundry products that kind of makeover! They look great, really nice use of those crafts.


I love frog tape for painting projects, it is the only brand that stops the paint bleed.

Will that Martha Stewart paint stand up to hand washing? I am thinking about a wine glass project.

rachel swartley

Very nice, Benita. Your crafting and organizing posts are what drew me to your blog a few years ago, and I've missed your crafting posts while you get your new house all fixed up. :)


After they're cured they can go in the dishwasher!

Account Deleted

I really like way the water bottle turned out, it's very fresh and chic (I used vinegar successfully to remove any watermarks from glass).

Lisa Flaherty

Simply lovely! Enjoy your long weekend with your mom!


Or you could use vinegar.

ana v.


the spectator



I second the vinegar. I use it for cleaning limescale/calcium from all my shining/reflective surfaces.


Works like a charm every time!


Have you bought that sticky film in Stockholm or is it from US? Let me know where you have bought it if in Stockholm. Same goes for frog tape, which is new to me. What´s the name in Swedish? Thanks! Neat successful project :-)! Enjoy your Skåne weekend!


The adhesive film is Martha Stewart Crafts. I got the frog tape at my local DIY store. There's a frog on the package so I'm pretty sure it's the original one :).


Miracle Girl, again and again.
Love the bubbles :-)


Has anyone else gotten a giggle from the fact that Benita's "W" for whites jar of detergent is twice the size of her "C" for colored?

Lovely results!



I am in fall cleaning mode and when I get to the laundry area, I am going to give my many colored bottles and boxes a more beautiful and clean look too... because of your creative ideas. Who knew everyday things could look so pretty? :o)Thanks for sharing. BTW, just curious, what laundry products do you like to use?


Gorgojos. I love the metalic jar that you used for varnish. Where is it from? It looks similar to the ones Nigella Lawson uses to house her flour. World love to know where it is from?
Love your creativity.
Hi from Patagonia


I use Ariel Actilift detergent and Softlan softerner.

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