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October 19, 2012


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You lucky b... !
Faucet looks really nice with the white lever. Very modern, but it's not too striking.
I notice you also re grouted the tiles near the floor. That was such a good job.

machen und tun

love it, it looks great!! have a good weekend


Free is good.


I did, and it was one of those really messy and uncompfortable jobs where I had to basically hug the toilet while hacking away at the grout behind it. It did turn out well when it was done though.


When it's something you really need, it is :).


Oh, I like that so much! We live in a rental with weird old taps and they drive me nuts. Would love a nice new one like that.


I like!
Happy weekend btw to you, Wille and of course the cats!


Great job, Benita! and you are also lucky that the old taps only took up 1 hole in the basin. Here, old basin fittings often need 3 holes in the basin, hot, cold, and the spout!


Ah yes, those American faucets. I've encountered them in many an American hotel room and they're so difficult to use especially when you've just put lotion on. As are those round knob door handles while I'm at it. Very pretty but also quite annoying. What's up with that?


Sooo nice! Love Jon as well as his designs. He's everywhere these days, isn't he?

And I actually miss those round American doorknobs :) - the best, though, are the "crystal" ones. I might try to snag some on our next visit there!

Vanessa (The VMCA)

I love how such small (physically - not in terms of process!) changes can result in such *BIG* changes to the overall look! Nice job!

Lili (from France)

I love your "savon de Marseille" soap bottle...
Nice job
Greetings from near Marseille


Wow, it is incredible how the switcheroo updates the whole room. Great job! I also changed a faucet in our WC a while back, after everybody said I should change the sink (!), and it looks a thousand times better - and no one wants me to change the sink anymore. This post was right up my alley, today, we are laying tile in that same WC. Can't wait.


Speaking of grout – if the very dark grout between the floor tiles bothers you, you could try painting it like these guys: http://www.chrislovesjulia.com/2012/10/taking-grout-from-dark-and-dingy-to.html

Although it might be a really tedious job with the tiles being so small. We sometimes have them in bathrooms here too, and I remember the grout lines being very thin, too. Actually, in your case I'd probably go with a bit of PVC floor in a light colour, or in a nice dark grey. Maybe something that imitates penny tile? It's such a small space that you could go with something you love, even if it is more expensive. But everything you changed already made such a big difference that it might just not be necessary.

Also, that sink is 50 years old?! That's some amazingly nice and not-at-all-oldfashioned design then. It looks like something that was produced recently (apart from the spot for soap maybe, I think they're not doing that so often anymore). And with the new faucet it looks great.

Lisa Flaherty

Perfect timing, perfect match!


Wow-love it! That's Swedish design for you-still looks modern after 50+ years. I drove Volvo 240 wagons for years and wish I still had one. As an American (Southerner no less!) I never thought about round knobs but now.....


I wondered how long that old tap was going to last. Congratulations on a great design win.

Vicki K

Such a compatible and attractive marriage!


I am stunned. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Luck doesn't just find you; it knows your address!


My yes, I didn't want to say but... that old faucet was so very ugleeee.

Say Miss B, have you shared with us where you are storing towels and linens? Do you just carry your towels to the bath with you? Your old place had bath shelves for towels, but now you don't even have a linen closet, or do you?


Ugleeee indeeeeed :).

I don't think i have shared that in one post. I don't keep it all in one place which is the reason for that I guess. Because the house has three floors I keep the linens on the floor they're used if that makes sense. I don't love having them all over the place but it makes the most sense to keep them close to where they're used. So I basically have a little pile in a closet or cabinet here, a little pile in a drawer there and so on :).



Flying Blind

Bloody perfect x

Flying Blind

Bloody perfect x


Makes such a difference! And very pretty.


It is increadible what change it makes just changing the taps! I know you love white but personally I like it in the chrome version because it corresponds with the wallpaper pattern :-) Good job!


Nice! Even better woudl it be if the whole faucet would be white...


Looks great -again!

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