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October 26, 2012


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I adore these lamps! What a find and they look beautiful next to your bed.


They look great. Simple but a bit quirky. Love.

Anne B.

Absolut härliga!


Actually they remind me Cockatoos! They look lovely on your bedside.


Superfint tillsammans med din Componibili. Trevlig helg!

Rattling On

I adore these as well!


Mmmh, definitely not my taste ;) I do not like the parrots...


I can't say I would have fallen for them, but I like it on your bedside table. Perhaps because everything around them is so neat and simple so little oddness only looks fun.


I love them, not weird at all, they would be if they come multicolored as parrots in white with the white shade they just look perfect!


Galna! Och kul! Som du. ;)


they are lovely, but i think they needs bigger shades!because in that way they are a little disproportionate!
Yust my 2 cents!
baci, E.


Hej, I really like the mixture of kitsch and cool black'n'white!


Actually I agree. I think these work but they're not perfect. I tried one with the shade I have on my huge desk lamp upstairs and it looked great. I only have one shade though and you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find semi large plain white (that don't go yellow when you turn the lights on)shades that don't cost a fortune over here. I'm keeping my eyes peeled and when I find the right size in the right white (yes I'm that anal)I'll switch!

Helen F

Those lamps are absoluty faboulus. Works perfekt in your home. A bit jealous, would love them in my house aswell.
Happy Weekend!


I love them!


They bring some warmth to the room in their kitschy was. Looks really good but as mentioned before, need taller lamp shades to hight the lamp socket. I recently bought a nice shade that is ellips formed at http://www.ljushuset.se on Mäster Samulesgatan 45 close by Åhlens City By Rydéns. It is slightle wider than the shade on this lamp http://www.ljushuset.se/gallery1_11.html on picture 3-6. They have good affordable shades at Ljushuset. Good luck and I think it´s good they where the size they are because they would look too grannyish otherwise :-)

judith b

Love these-I think the shades look pretty wonderful...any larger they will lose their Abigail Ahern touch (she would have used even smaller shades!). Also love the contrast with the Componibili...but is the lamp in danger when you slide one of the little doors open?


I normally don't go for things like that, but they are white and actually look great in your bedroom. Trevlig Helg!

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Thank you! :-)


I was going to say the same thing. I kind of love these weird lamps, but they would look better with a bigger shade.


I've seen people online DIY new covers for their shades. I wonder if you can buy large shades in a color you don't like and recover it in fabric (or paper) you do?

Didn't you do this with a map once? So maybe you even already know how.


I love them! I have only seen pink parrots before, and never as a lamp, so these are perfect for you! Also, by their being as tall as they are, they probably cast a better light for reading in bed. Do you do that? Or are you too productive a person to not just get up when you wake up, and someone who does so much during the day you flop into bed at the end of it...exhausted! Not me...I wish I did achieve more, but I love to snuggle up with a good book!


Good thing to attract another person in your life I was just reading an article about it in feng shui.Statues of love birds in your bedroom! I like them,kind of cute!


I have done my own but smaller shades but the finish is never like the bought thing and with white every little overlap gets very visible when you turn on the light so I think i'll buy bigger shades when I find them.


Thanks, I'll have a look there!


No, it all stays in plays perfectly!


I think they are totally awesome!Is that a little tipping in yellow that I see on the male parrot? How cool that the designer was thinking of you! :)


OMG - they are fabulous!

Trevlig helg :)


I liked and wholeheartedly agree!

Ohoy, everyone! Pop over to Zosias blog and read her very interesting post! http://polonicahomeagain.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-benefits-of-learning-languages.html

If you like it, "like" it at the bottom of it so she gets in the finals!!!


I do read in bed before going to sleep. Either that or cross word puzzles!


I love them because they are the perfect color for your room yet have some character. They appear to be really detailed and look nearly lifelike.


I have the same problem in Italy; you literally can't find shades without lamps and if you find something is usually so pricey that it's better buy a new lamp... and, TRUST ME, i tried several times to do it by myself! but probably i'm not so crafty (and we really don't have serious brico stores with the supplies you need)so I prefer waiting...but it's so sad...
baci, E.
(sorry for my poor english)


Thans for putting a good word for me :-).

christine e-e

adorable! Kitschy in a fashionable way!


I think they're fun! :)


These are amazing! With all the white they are a perfect hit of wit and charm where others might be compelled to add a pop of color.


for esoteric aesthetic reasons i can't quite explain, they're perfect on top of the -- forgot the brand name of the cylindrical side table. it has to do with the fact the parrots are torqued around a cylinder the way the doors of the cylinder torque around the cylinder when they're opened. awe. some.

Lisa Flaherty

Very fun! I love the whimsy they bring to the room. Great find!

Lisa Flaherty

Off to Zosia's! :)


These are awesome - they relate to your home but are so unexpected at the same time. and placing them next to your modern bed and modern nightstand makes it even better. Well done!


Påminner om några ljusstakar jag såg häromdagen! http://malmomodern.se/products/tolerance

michele double you

When something speaks to you, it will always work somewhere, even if it's not what people think is your norm. I need a bit of a twist here and there (it bugs me a bit when people try to pigeonhole me, and I think it might be my perverse way of fighting back), and this is a perfect "twist" on your aesthetic. Have a fabulous weekend!


Love these lamps so much! But did you know that any time I am shopping and see something in all "white", I think of you! :-)


Hilarious! I give them until Christmas ;)

the spectator


Claire - Matching Pegs

I love the lamps.

They look like they are meant to be Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.
We have a lot of them that live around our neighbourhood.


This made me laugh out loud!


I agree with Clair - I think they are sulphur crested cockatoo. But I also thing the lamps are copies of an early Australian Wembleyware piece - around 1940's or so. Original pieces are worth thousands of dollars each, if you can find them! Such a cute early Australian design.


It's not weird, it's nice there. re the size of the lampshade, if it's gona stay there then the shade shouldn't get any bigger coz it'll be bigger than the drawers...now it looks just about right :)


I love you parrot lamps, I´m fan of all weird stuff, makes decoration much more interesting. You new camera -wow, I want also. New camera it´s bean on my list for ages but this country cottage project sucks all my extra money.


Ahh, such wonderful Australiana! What a score and perfect placement! I like the current lamp shade size in relation to the Componibili. Simply brilliant!


Hej! Jag satte andan i halsen när jag såg dessa. Jag äger en med orginalskärm men tvillingen tog katterna sönder för femton år sen. Var har du hittat dessa????????? Maila gärna svar ifall jag inte hittar tillbaka!

Med vänlig hälsning,


Jag är tyvärr inte mycket till hjälp för jag har ropat in dem på auktion. Sorry. Men vad kul att du har likadan/a:)

Lady Dahmer | Postpatriarkal Feministfitta

fan. Om du nånsin vill sälja dem, hör av dig!

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