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October 23, 2012


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Perhaps you should show how easy for a teen to use/ Then after he makes a few for you he can add the tags to gifts to you. You desrve it!


Actually Wille's already the best gift giver and his wrapping is pretty cute too :)


Gotta love Martha! Neat gadget. I like that "not perfect" quality of the stamp. Makes it look vintage.


Simple and just adorable wrapping and stamping. You Mum is lucky to get such a beatiful present.

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

The color combination (grey and yellow and white) looks really nice. I was wondering if you could change the twirly border to something else on this kit.


You can skip the swirls and just do the inner circle or vice versa or skip them altogether. No other circles are included though.

Lisa Flaherty

Cute! Are the little letters hard to handle? I like the registration marks on the stamping block so text can be aligned.


They were surprisingly easy to handle and I was equally surprised at how straight the text came out. I've used similar letter stamps in the past but the letters always ended up going up and down.


I read the title as tramp stamp, and could not imagine you with one of those tattoos!


Haha, no I'm not into those :).


Why not feature some?

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