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October 24, 2012


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My favourite furniture moving tip is a big piece of cardboard. Works like a dream too. I will keep the cloth idea in the back of my head though for when a large bit of cardboard isn't handy.


Ice cream sticks are good for so many things! I use them as name markers in the vegetable garden. What an excellent excuse to eat more ice cream :)


I used a carpet when moving my bookcases the other day. It's a great way to move furniture on your own!

Victoria - Elvira Spekulerar

Grytlappar är ett hett tips också, vid möbelflyttning alltså :)


The ice cream stick trick is excellent! Thank you!
The towel trick is good too, just knew it already :)


You are the Queen of Simple!

Nini Tjäder

En mindre trasmatta brukar jag använda. Lämnar inga spår på golvet och skadar inte möbeln. Kartong som nämns ovan är nog ingen bra idé. Kan lämna repor på golvet.


Thanks for the tip with the ice-cream stick! I am currently using a small stack of pennies to keep a bookcase perfectly vertical, this sounds like a far neater solution.


My Granny taught me to move furniture on my own by pushing with my legs/thighs. I rearranged our entire apartment one day on my own to the shock of my husband - ha!!


Can't wait to see what you are going to put in those cabinets! Are they what replaced the Expedit? Your ideas and energy fascinate and inspire me...more, more MORE! (please) :)




i've used towels, potholders, carpet, cardboard, socks to move furniture. I live alone and like to move furniture alot, since its cheaper than buying a new house!


ice cream sticks....GENIUS!

michele double you

I use towels, too. :) Did I ever tell you about the time (of course not--I've lurked, but never posted) my husband finished laying the bamboo floors in our house one night, but then had to leave for work the next morning? Naturally, I couldn't wait, so I put a cabinet on towels and dragged it where I wanted it. Wouldn't have been a problem, but for the heavy marble top. Didn't scratch the floor, but there's a nice long dented line running parallel to a wall. O__o Should have removed the top...

Lisa Flaherty

Brilliant! Off to eat some ice cream in order to fix the unsightly between two bookshelves!


Uh oh :)

May / amycapdet

I've used towels, soft dust cloths and even small blankets, depending on how heavy the piece of furniture was. Removing drawers and all the extra weight that you can get rid of before attempting to move it is basic - huge chest of drawers and that kind of furniture slide like a charm on hardwood this way. I don't live alone, but I'd rather move things by myself than having to wait for my husband to come home from work :)


Simple solutions. Fantastic results! Thanks, Benita!


Snow - I just love the name of this furniture. It makes me smile everytime I read about it.
When do we get to see how you're using them? xo

Anna Bazhaw-Hyscher

Probably you know this, but the trick with the ice cream sticks is called 'shimming'. They even sell packets of little slips of wood for the purpose, although I can't think why anyone would pay for such a thing
And, because I am a geek, I looked it up and can now add that the word is of Kentish origin and was originally a bit of iron fitted to a plow for scraping soil, and that the current use of the word dates from 1937.
Adding to my to-do list - 'get a life'. :)

the spectator

ice cream stick =so simple but so clever


I did know that and was tempted to put the title "do the shimmy" but restrained myself since it was also a post about shifting :)


You can see it here already: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/09/snow.html


I swear my blog eats comments. I'm sure I answered this yesterday!

I already showed the final result in this post http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/09/snow.html but took some photos while trying to manouver it into place by myeslf which resulted in this post :)

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