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October 18, 2012


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Love the fresh look. I too have to request dirty laundry from my boys :)


I love that you keep laundry baskets in the closet. We also keep linens for the kids in the top of their closets, maybe because we don't have a linen closet. But this is easy access anyway.

Lisa Flaherty

Great wallpaper! I also keep my boy's bed linens in his closet. Just convenient.


There is something so satisfying about that before and after! I wish my closets were that organized. I think wooden hangers have a lot to do with that!


Love the clean look! Any pointers/ideas on how to organize shoes in the closet?

Ofelia, from México City

I love the closets revamp, speacilly when comes like this: before and afeter. Do you have one pic about the after with all the doors open? The wallpaper and the baskets are amazing!


I don't but I'll try to remember to take one!


We don't keep shoes in the closet (they're in the entry hall lockers) but if I were to do that I'd probably fit shelves at the bottom so I could do a few layers under the hanging garments.


They do! I love having all the same hangers, it just gives it that unified "clean" feeling.


I love posts like these! The red basket is divine..and the result is so orderly and pleasing to the eye. Love it.

Valerie from England

love the look of Wille's wardrobe, very clean and crisp looking as with all your projects. I am a big admirer.

Account Deleted

I love your red basket, we don't have this color here, i only find white ( totally you), green (kiwi color) and a terrible orange! The red is so different, would be very nice to upgrade my non colored living room. And yeah, i changed some things in my place after i started to read your posts every day. :)


Hej Benita! I've followed your blog for a few years now, and I love it! You give me inspiration in getting our small childrens' family home more organized!- yeah!!! Would it be possible to ask for a post on your own closet organization: how you do, what you keep/toss over the years, etc? Mine seem out of control these days... Thanks! Have a nice weekeend :-)


I've posted about my current closet a few times since the move but I'll try and come up with a more detailed post sometime in the future.

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