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October 12, 2012


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So cute. Will try a soft boiled egg for breakfast this weekend. It's been Chocolate Week here in the UK mmm - Happy Weekend!


Mmm, indeed. I think I'd be more excited by Chocolate week actually :).


Happy Eggmas x


Cute little guy! Looks a bit worried, poor fella.


Love eggs and dishes you can cook with eggs. So simple and so versatile. They deserve their own day. Cute gadget :-). Have a happy weekend!


Even before I read your post, I saw the picture and thought he looked awfully sweaty and worried... which makes sense since eggs can explode in the microwave, ha ha. Neat that they have this cute tool to help cook eggs safely!


Cuuutee face! I have this same Eggie, but mine is the thingie for separate-yolks-from-whites.
Good weekend.

Vanessa (The VMCA)

Ahh, Eggs and the microwave, a match made in heaven! I tend to poach mine though (in a mw poaching thing), not boil as I don't like them 'runny' on the inside, and if I boil them hard, then they're too dry. Delish!

Vanessa (The VMCA)


Lisa Flaherty

Clearly, Boily is not thrilled about World Egg Day, given his expression! But glad to hear he did a good job on the soft-boiling; I can never get that right, though I admit I don't practice very often. When I was young my mother would make me "eggs mixed with toast", which was a soft boiled egg broken up over a torn up piece of toasted bread, and it was divine!


Vilka roliga kommentarer du har till dina foton! I like!

Lorna from Atlanta

So,this thing which I have never heard of before, doesn't do hard boiled very well? If it did, I'd be all over it.
The UK has a chocolate week?? So awesome I just spent a couple of weeks just south of London. Galaxy bars were my friends.

Lorna from Atlanta

And, what's it called so I can look it up.


It does hard boiled equally well, you just leave the egg in the microwave longer. I just find soft boiled eggs more difficult to cook.


It's called Boiley and there'a a link in the post.

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

Look at him all quizzical. What's it made of? Is it ceramics?


He's some type of plastic with an aluminum (or other metal?)liner.

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